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Charles Leck
I'm 76 now (1940) and blog regularly.
I'm 76 now (1940) and blog regularly.

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Thinking Back On Being an American This blog was originally posted nearly four years ago. It received more response and comment than any other blog I've ever posted. In this time of political chaos, I thought it merited a reposting. I’m proud I’m an America...

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Getting ready to follow Trump closely!
Granted! I haven’t written for weeks. I’ve been in recovery –
that is, trying to recover from the shocking election of Donald Trump as POTUS. by Charlie Leck Under close observation, I’ve been doing a lot of doodling
and drawing, foaming at the mouth, tremb...

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The Voter is Going to Get What He Asked For!
Look for a
decline in the U.S. economy very shortly after the triumphant inauguration of
Donald Trump! by Charlie Leck One of the
things I fear the most as Donald Trump puts together his administration, and
continues to talk to a Republican Congress, is tha...

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Are you nervous about the President-Elect?
I was giving thought to discontinuing my blogging here, but
then Donald Trump got me laughing my head off and shaking it in wonder at the
same time. Oh, I can’t stop! That’s what I told myself. This is all just too
much fun and games! At least this part, ju...

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Greatest Nation on Earth?
I don’t know if America will every
again be regarded as the greatest of all the world’s nations! I don’t even know
if ever got to that lofty spot. I know that we liked to think so. At the
moment, America is seriously crippled and we have a long way to go to...

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Trump as President?
never seemed a real possibility to me until this morning, when I read the major
newspapers carefully, checked into the dependable polling organizations, and
decided to face reality! by Charlie
Leck It appears to me
that Donald Trump is going to win the c...

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Trump Does Not Understand the American Way!
There are all kinds of reasons not to vote for Donald Trump
and here are a few of the important ones! by Charlie Leck Here’s the biggest reason (and its ramifications) not to
vote for Donald Trump: He doesn’t understand how American democracy works. Dozens

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An Update on the State-by-State Polls
I’ll stick with
the explanation of state-by-state polling I gave you about a month ago! Florida
and Ohio will determine the winner – anyone who takes both of them will win
the race, so Hillary must win one of these two states to become president. by Charlie...

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Young Voters Refuse to Support Trump
College students, the University of Virginia Republican Club and the
Harvard Republican Club have refused to endorse Donald Trump. by Charlie Leck At the University of Virginia the student’s Republic Club said this about
Donald Trump. “He has gone f...

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Looking Presidential
I’ve been
watching Presidential Election Debates since 1959. I’ve always found them
remarkable until this year! by Charlie Leck You know, I’ll
never forget the Presidential Debates between Kennedy and Nixon (you thought I
was going to say Lincoln and Dougla...
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