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Matt Dillahunty hung out with 2 people. <a class='ot-hashtag' href=''>#hangoutsonair</a>Denis Loubet and Russell Glasser
The Non-Prophets 11.8
Matt Dillahunty and 2 others participated
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A pipe? Jeez, Dillahunty, that's bad for you.
Hey, this is great that's you're doing a hangout on air!
It's a first no?
Great to see non-prophets here
Jeez, I got this thing going in three different websites.
Yeah, on Youtube, Google+, and embedded? It's hard to keep it all straight.
ACA needs to have a squid cruise...
Akin is from Missouri (MO), not Montana (MT).
tim hem
keep digging that hole russell
Yeah, Russel is pretty clearly wrong here.

We live in a world where bodily integrity trumps people's right to live and it's not as important as someone else's freedom of conscience?

Don't buy it.
russell, can we tattoo our babies? Yahoo!
Take into consideration two parents with different background.
As a woman that interacts with men sexually, I do think it's a major identity issue.  You can't get your foreskin back.
Can i wear the tip as a nose ring... pretty sure every 17 year old these days would say that.
i dont miss my foreskin. frankly i think snorks look funny.
tim hem
+Missy Rogers  - i guess he would argue, if you circumcised, you wouldnt have to get your foreskin back
What's the difference between a parent of a minor baby and a parent of a minor whose older? Why have their rights over another human decreased?
Pulling a child's teeth early to avoid adult teeth from becoming crooked is medically unnecessary and causes physical harm. Should parents be barred from having a dentist pull them early? I don't think so.
Thunderfoot also makes me really, really, sad. And he shouldn't chew legs.
I think Will Smith has it figured out.
Sorry, I have not seen anyone else's comments until just now.  I do not know what I am doing in G+ apparently!
Yeah, i meant should they be allowed to have a dentist pull them :)
Only if the dentist says they should be. And if she does, shouldn't be an issue at all. I don't know why MDs consent to circumcision.
Guys cut as infants cannot know what kind of sensitivity they are missing.
My baby teeth would have caused me a lot of agony and a crooked bite if they weren't pulled.  I don't think that equates.  They had replacements on the way.
Illustration of the golden rule conundrum that will make sense to geek males - lesbian sex good - it's golden rule counterpart - not as popular.  
Very cool!! my first time here... keep it up!
the six-fingered hand is the dominant gene....why do we cut off the sixth finger?
Keeping with the analogy of dentistry. Would it be ethical for child whose adult teeth had grown in to be taken to the dentist and have their healthy,not causing a problem, two front teeth extracted because it is the norm in their religion/family/culture etc?
Thanks for doing such great job on AE by the way. It really does help allot of people out there.
The new format is pretty groovy... doing one tonight?

PS - Might be time to update it's a leetle bit crufty.
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