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Relational Operations on Inverted Indexes using ES-Hadoop
I've been interested in how to apply relational algebra to flat collections like inverted indexes.  This coincided well with the need to do a research project for a Big Data Algorithms course (my last at CU ) with @JoseVieitez .  These are the assumptions w...

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Recursive Postgres updates
I recently came across a need to update a large amount of Postgres data (many millions of rows) laid out in a hierarchical format with potentially inherited attributes. To make the use case generic, consider the following structure that a bookstore might e...

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Inverted Index Text Mining of Twitter Data
A year ago, I got tired of wading through my timeline to find tweets of interest.  It was beginning to feel like work or another chore I had to complete every day.   OnlyWorthy was born over a weekend and it has served very admirably.   A little Python scri...

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CU-Boulder's CAETE program - my experience
When I left the military in 2011, I intended to make use of my GI Bill benefits.  They are generous enough to pay for a graduate degree and I felt like I really needed that to make up for lost time spent outside the software development industry. I wasn't k...

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A SolrCloud backup scheme
SolrCloud needs a real backup mechanism - there's an open ticket for this but until then users will have to make due with ReplicationHandler .  The HTTP API is really simple: http://master_host:port/solr/replication?command=backup&location=/path/to/backup/d...

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Metering tweets (a weekend project)
This project will probably take me more than a weekend but Twitter's new mute feature got me thinking - I don't need to mute people I follow but I would like to eliminate a lot of their fluff.  I can recall at least 10 people I had to unfollow because even ...
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