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Olympics Opening Ceremony: "Staying Alive" by the Bee Gees?

 Really? You're staying alive because there are 18,000 British troops standing guard? The Victoria Park show (resembling a Dickens novel) was all about England and some are complaining that it should have been an internationally themed event. As a democracy advocate, I'm not a fan of any kind of royalty. 

I'm not watching this now, just reporting on what the news websites are saying. Some of my Facebook friends are calling the opening ceremony boring. I admire the athletes, but not impressed with the pomp (what I saw on the TV at Ulrich's Irish Rebellion Room tonight during dinner) -- LOL.


Yahoo Sports just DELETED ALL THE COMMENTS on the Olympics Opening Ceremony post. Bizarre. The comments were mostly very harsh and negative, without any trolling or filthy talk however. Censorship rears its ugly head again.

As of this exact moment, all the previous comments are erased and only two new (and irrelevant) comments is shown. I posted a comment myself a few minutes ago on this Yahoo Sports post. Wiped out.
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Opening ceremony was huge hit over here in the UK. Creative and inclusive
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