8 Things That Totally Suck About the New GooglePlus UI

G+ changed its User Interface today, without any warning that I recall, and already the backlash is pretty harsh.

Here are my immediate reactions and issues with the new G+ UI:

(1) A lot more use of that annoying Light Gray Text on White Background. I don't mind using it for navigation buttons that get bright when your cursor hovers over them, but for web text it sucks. Like in all the comments now.

This trend is one of, if not the, worst developments in the web. Readability and usability suffer greatly.

(2) Where is the Feedback button now? It seems to have completely vanished.

(3) Just when people were happy to see the newer new +1 button (Google can't seem to decide how to present this thing, it changes constantly) going red -- it is now Light Grey on White Background, almost invisible.

(4) Video for the "New GooglePlus design" is annoying with that stupid "Look at the world" music that distracts. Should have had someone talking us through the changes, with soft instrumental music as background to sooth us into a begrudging acceptance.

(5) Circles button now demoted to a drop down menu called More, as though your Circles aren't that important anymore, joining Games and Pages in the nether realm.

(6) Pundits brazenly call the New Profile big image option "ala Facebook Timeline", which shows how lame this new UI is. Facebook sucks. And G+ is now imitating Facebook? Bad news.

(7) Chat box at bottom of page, replacing Feedback, is not good. I got rid of Chat in my Gmail UI because certain persons kept bugging me with it late at night. Since you cannot ban, block, or blacklist anybody on Gmail (for unknown reasons), I had to just delete the Chat button. And now here it is on G+, creeping back like a bad penny. Does this mean that my Gmail contacts can pester me with Chat on G+??? How do I delete that thing?

(8) Still no moderation control over G+ Hangouts, but they keep pushing this widget as a positive thing to get all excited about. If you can't kick trolls out of a Hangout you are hosting, it's not practical, especially for business or serious videoconferencing purposes. "Organic" means porous borders, random discovery, making Hangouts more of a trivial game than a usable communication / conversation tool.

Enjoy these 8 complaints. Many more will be coming later.

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