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My Cars 2.9.0 rollout starting now. It will reach all users in coming next 24 hours.

Main new features:
- More Material design :-) - Many new themes to customize the look&feel to your taste
- PRO mode - support of vehicles with hours as "distance" unit (tractors, boats, etc...)

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1 million downloads reached! Very happy to reach such milestone :-)

The story started in December 2009. At the time I never planned to build an app with so many users. Just wanted to try out Android :-)

Let's continue this story with many more new exciting features!

Thanks all for your support.

I will soon publish a small fix. It's about recording a new bill. It crashes when you change of car.

There are also some crash reports with import. The issue was with bad data in export file. Now it's going to be fixed.

On top of that I am still working on new features. More news soon :-)

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My Cars fix published. Includes fixes on refuel screen (crash, wrong odometer values, default car)
You all will get in next hours
Get in on Google Play ->

It seems a few users have a crash when registring a new refuel. I will look at this issue with top priority.

My Cars will soon reach you :-) Deployment started slowly.

Main new "feature" is the support of Android 6.0 permission model.

It also includes a few fixes.

Version 2.8.1 has 2 issues:
- Filter on dates doesn't work in all use cases in charts
- Android 6.0 is not well supported. Until I fix it (should be within next days), you need to enable permission from Android apps/My Car/permission menu.
Feel free to contact me if you require support on Android 6.0 support.

My Cars 2.8.1 deployment ongoing. Should fix the issue with custom image with widgets. Will probably improve soon the rendering of that image also (better centered).
I have also include links to admin pages from edit screens. For instance from refuel screen you can quickly go to edit payment methods, driving style, etc...

My Cars 2.8.0 rolling out today :-) - PRO mode: Picture support in refuels,bills,services and trips
- More Material Design! More to come on this topic
- The date filters are now stored so that you can also see same data when you re-launch the app
- Improved afew locales
- Bug fixes

If any finding/remark, please let me know

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There are still some issues with cost/km (mile) stats. 

I will try to fix most of them for next release. You can also have a look at guidelines in order to setup properly you car:

The next main new feature will probably the support of pictures in refuels, bills and services. That would allow you to keep track of your receipts or any other thing you want.
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