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#클라우드 모르시진 않겠죠? 몰라도 가야하는 곳이 있습니다. #프로불참러 안되려면 SK C&C #클라우드 서비스 "클라우드 제트"를 오픈했다고 하는데, 축하하러 가야할 듯! 클라우드 제트가 앞으로 국내외 클라우드 산업을 주도하기를 기원합니다!

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도준웅 CJ 그룹 디지털최고책임자(CDO) 강연 발췌 from CJ 마케팅포럼
강연 직접 들어보고 싶네요:) 

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What's Modern Marketing? By reading the customer' digital body language, we can determine where they are in their buyer' journey. what problems they're trying to solve, where they're looking for solution.. what persuade them.. The universal customer profile capture these information so you can target, engage, convert, and drive revenue. #digitalmarketing #Oracle #Eloqua  

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How General Motors is leading global social marketing strategy and tactics with a partnership with Oracle Social #SRM #Oracle #CX #OracleCX #SocialMarketing #DigitalMarketing #GM  

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+McKinsey & Company story on digitizing the consumer decision journey: Imagine that a couple has just bought its first home and is now looking to purchase a washer and a dryer. They identify three models they are interested in and save them to a “wish list.” on a retailer' website. 
Under an optimized cross-channel experience, the couple could find the nearest physical outlet on the retailer’s website, Even before they walk through the doors, a transmitter mounted at the retailer’s entrance identifies Mike and Linda and sends a push alert to their cell phones welcoming them and providing them with personalized offers and recommendations based on their history with the store.

.. By using business-process software and services from vendors such as Adobe Systems, ExactTarget, and #Responsys   companies can identify in real time the basic “triggers” for what individual customers need and value and personalize their approach when making cross- or up-sell offers. They can also use these tools to generate automated reports that track customer trends and key performance indicators. #CX   #OracleCX   #marketingdigital   by 

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DocuSign's V.P. of Demand Generation, Meagen Eisenberg. How DocuSign explained how a modern marketing organization looks like. Topics include; marketing automation, B2B lead generation from social media, sales funnel, marketing resources, leveraging the marketing cloud, keeping up with technology, and why Oracle Eloqua is the best marketing system. #DemandGen #B2Bmarketing #CX #OPN #Eloqua 

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Informative and fun to watch video for B2B marketers - The Journey to Modern Marketing #digitalmarketing #Eloqua #Oracle #CX #B2BMarketing 

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Oracle is aggressive for completing the modern marketing portfolio
Data-driven, yet human-centric. Oracle buys BlueKai to help modern marketers create ‘multi-channel engagement’ with customers. Get more info here:

Are you utilizing a 'Push' as well as SMS and email? Marketers witness 50% higher open rates on push notifications vs. email. 57% of consumers have downloaded apps from their favorite brands and 68% of them enabled push notifications.   #MobileMarketing   #DigitalMarketing   #CX   #Responsys   #Infographic   #MarketingTrends  

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Stanford d. School explains Customer Journey, Customer life cycle #CX   #CRM   #Design  
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