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Mark Skinner
The main protagonist from the best story on Earth
The main protagonist from the best story on Earth

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If you're in the UK and you're against the proposed Investigatory Powers Bill or "Snoopers Charter" as it is more aptly nicknamed please consider assisting this Indiegogo campaign. I'm not affiliated with it in any way but I strongly believe the UK government should be restricted in their surveillance to actual criminal suspects and not perform blanket surveillance on the entire population. Jim Killock of the Open Rights Group is trying to launch a campaign to raise the awareness of the general public to the real impact this bill would have on our online lifestyles and how it would severely cripple our digital freedoms, he needs our support to make it happen. Please consider giving to the campaign or at the very least take a read through the blog and see what this all about. Don't forget to tell your peers and re-share.

#OpenRightsGroup #IPBill #SnoopersCharter

I'm sure +James Greenwood is a great bloke but I really don't know him and I wish Google+ would explain its reasoning for continually claiming I probably know him. Separated at birth maybe. Come on Google even Facebook tells me what we have supposedly have in common

So, do I get the nexus 7 or do I hold off for a bit and get the inevitable nexus 10 that is probably on its way?

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Absolute genius!

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Mutant spider den

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