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don't get up gentlemen i'm only passing thru
don't get up gentlemen i'm only passing thru

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Epic Rap Battle: Special Forces vs MARSOC Lyrics


We are the Marine Corps the few and the proud (proud)

Screw a quiet clear I’m about to go loud (loud)

I’m going to torture you on this rap I can smell your fear

I’ll waterboard your ass make you re-do sere

You think you’re a shooter but you’re a force multiplier

indigenous forces do the fighting while you call for fire.

I’m the punisher and I’m unleashin the pain

I preferred you better when you were portrayed by john wayne.

Mr. Special forces your green beret

thinking you are so cool in your ODA

Your Probably just ODB trying to be like me

The fucking future of special operations (SOF) community.


Ain’t no stopping me as I spit on these bars

So you better pray to god like, allah akbar.

I’m going eat you on this rap and that aint no lie

You sound sweet bitch, should I call you semper pie

You’re a noobie to the game calling yourself MARSOC

In 2006 you finally decided to join JSOC

We are the quite professionals all I hear from you is bitchin’

All you are is force recon that changed your name for recognition

Sit back and while spit ill lyrics on this track

Your flow is sick wik whack, it stinks you need a tictac

I’m gonna shred to you to pieces from head to your boots

I Spent months in language school so you better iskut


Pick your head up because your sounded morbib

Take a lesson from me, Always faithful, always forward.

You think your seasoned warriors who break necks

Youre just a little cherry nicknamed 18X

I’m like the Matrix, you’re a thing of the past

Call me Arnold cause “I eat green berets for breakfast”

Best of the best you can’t make the cut

So in love with me your dick is like “ready up!”

If being a green beret is so hard

How come you have groups in the national guard.

Trying to show off to girls with your long tab on

This battles about to end no need for a follow on.


2000 meter shot to end this rap like I’m Carlos Hathcock.


Hey diddle diddle straight up the middle

Hey diddle diddle straight up the middle

You’re jealous of my long tab because you can’t get vag

you spent 8 months training and got no badge

You sound like a whiney girl, call you taylor swift

Then I’ll go direct action on your ass, CIF

Your girl dropped her panties set a course for intercourse

Soon as she found out I went through the fucking Q-course

I helped develop SOPs but I ain’t your friend

When all Half of you didn’t get selected you got grandfathered in

I got my glock, cocked, ready to rock

Stitching up every marine in Marsoc

Cause I’m rocking and a rolling never stopping my flow n’ I know you tried your best but give it a rest you can’t mesh with the best

them bearded men who be liberating the oppressed, you can’t pass test, SFAS, got your girlfirned underdressed, yelling distress.

NVGs on while my shooting suppressed, that API through your vest to your chest remember that marine synonomous with the less.

Call me back in five years but for not shut your mouth

Radio check bitch, ODA out.

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@sargoth_ebooks: @CMunchford The US constitution would be the worst terrorist.

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Stay free my friends...

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Atlas liftoff 
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@DevilDawg666: I know you got feeling for him, but
he ain’t even real kin to you. He
a trick baby - and you a sweet
mack. That’s a recipe for
Stay free my friends...

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