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sneha mehta
Drama Queen, now and forever!
Drama Queen, now and forever!

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Cheers to beautiful life
Stand-up for yourself! It's time we take self-care seriously.
Take a little time out everyday to do something you love. It could be
just going out and clicking a cool picture or writing something, coding
something, doodling, just having coffee with yours...

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New video! 

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Hotel Formule1 In HITEC Hyderabad - Comfortably Awesome
had a dream when I was a kid. It’s nothing new, obviously! All of us
have dreams. Mine was to be Miss Universe, so mainstream (I knowwwwww).
But the end goal was to use my scholarship money to build green cities
all around the WORLD. Yes! Well, that d...

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#JustShot   #NewVideo  :D

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Something I really need to learn.

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Have you ever wondered what goes on Twitter's biggest accounts throughout the week? What makes them the biggest accounts? Behold, the answers are coming soon!
Register for our webinar: A Week In The Life Of Twitter’s Biggest Accounts

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Alone I'm just a spark, together we are fire, Crowdfire. #HappyFamilyDay  

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Not Just Another Team, A Family - Corwdfire Story!
#TeamCrowdfire - It's not a team, it's a family. One fine day when I was thinking of leaving Bangalore I found Crowdfire was hiring and I dropped in my CV. Within 2 hours I got a call which I missed, it was followed by a text message from Nischal asking me ...
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