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A great soup for a rainy day!
Really enjoying it <3

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Educated to remain silent
Some of you might think that once you start university life you enter a world full of intellectual and exciting discussions about politics, history, society and all these other things adults talk about. However during my past three years of university, I wa...

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A Dreamer's Daydream
Sometimes there are those
days, when you do not want to get up. Maybe there is something
dreadful ahead of you during the day – school, work, the dentist. However once in a while you
just lay there, curling up again under your blanket after turning off
the ...

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A Pugly Sunday Walk on a Sunny Friday
 After more than two weeks
without updates, I felt the need to drop my recently kind of negative
attitude and concentrate on the other aspects of life, which are a
bit more enjoyable than worrying about unrequited feelings. The phase of drowning myself
in m...

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A coward's New Year's Eve
For many people the last day
of a year is considered as a turning point in life. You leave
something behind – events, people, memories – and at the same
time you dive into something new. It is not called a New Year's
resolution for no reason. Whenever a new...

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Au revoir 2013, embrace yourselves for 2014!
2013 is coming to an end and
like every year you start to recapitulate what happened throughout
the year. Which experiences were especially memorable – either in a
good or a bad way? What changes did you go through? Was there
anything that made you feel gra...

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The absence of passion and talent
I once wrote a post about the film "500 days of Summer" and how a particular scene left its' little mark on my mind - how it made me think about the way my life is at moment. Tonight another film made a similar impression on me and it was " the perks of bei...

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The sweet 'n' salty thing & my praliné mishap
Christmas is the time to
indulge in your favourite meals and candys, no matter how unhealthy
they may be. And Christmas is the time for me throw all the
resolutions I made concerning a healthy lifestyle overboard for the
sake of feasting myself. However, wh...

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A little film guide for the festive season
9 more days to go till
Christmas Eve and two more weeks of 2013. I guess that most people
are at this point either in full Christmas spirit, baking cookies and
listening to Christmas songs 24/7 or running around around with a grim face, because of all the s...

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Small boobs -and why you should embrace them
Maybe this is something most
of you already know, but: Boobs are not everything
guys are looking for in a girl. Well, at least if their
character is just half as agreeable as they should be. This
boobie-thing has been one of the most common prejudices of
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