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Hope all my New York G+ buddies are OK? 

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My friend +Adam Cohen's cousin is missing. Please reshare this and help him out.

Go here for more info:

Have an awesome Christmas all my G+ buddies! :-) 

Anyone have recommendations for a good budget printer that supports Google cloud print? Thanks in advance :-)

I've got 2 Hammers by Kato shipping to me soon! :-) 

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For all you budding photographers out there :-) 
How do our phone cameras compare to point & shoots and DSLRs?
Here's a shootout between the iPhone 5S, GS4, HTC One, LG OG Pro, and Lumia 1020 squaring off against a Galaxy Camera and a Canon 7D. 
The results might surprise you....

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Simply awesome! 
Best scene in all of the Michael Bay movies
Animated Photo

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I'm quite liking this :-)

My @Aviate homescreen. Sign up to simplify your phone #flywithme #getaviate

Got 5 Aviate invites if anyone wants? Email me :-) 

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Now that's Halloween dedication for ya!

Cardboard Ecto-1 Halloween costume follows last year's DeLorean
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