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This is an outrage. This beautiful, endangered Tyrannosaurus Rex was bound to a trailer, unable to move for 30hrs. This is animal cruelty, at its worst. The perpetrators of this horrible act should be fined, and their rights to own exotic and domestic animals should be stripped from them.

Please help me raise awareness about this heinous injustice. Dinosaurs are animals too, and they deserve our love and care. How would you feel if you were bound to the back of a truck for 30hrs?

Share this photo and help bring a stop to cruelty towards our beloved jurassic friends.

#dinosaurs #trex #animalcruelty #mustread #mustshare #animallovers #endangeredanimals #outrage

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Meet Project Jacquard, the ATAP project that’s developed an interactive woven textile -- a  textile capable of registering touch and sending signals back to a computing device.  It incorporates a new conductive yarn (one with 100x the conductivity of previous conductive yarns!), uses materials from silk to wool, and has all the physical properties necessary to be woven into textiles using standard manufacturing processes. 

But that was just the beginning. The resulting fabric had to be attached to electronics and apparel designers needed to be able to make complete garments using their standard practices. Using 3D weaving techniques, the team create d an interactive touch panel of these conductive yarns by preserving access and orientation to allow the use of standard electrical connectors. Once integrated into fabric along with a small battery, the connectors can be hooked up to circuits as small as a button on a jacket. Touch that’s registered on the fabric can be sent wirelessly to a computing device, like a phone or tablet. Watch Ivan Poupyrev, Technical Project Lead, talk about the project at I/O here: 

ATAP will partner with apparel designers to advance the technology—their first official partner is +Levi's® which intends to bring a product to market. The ultimate goal is to deliver a platform for developers and the apparel industry that enables digital interactivity in clothing—and maybe other applications down the line.

Interested in learning more and getting involved? Sign up at or email us directly at #ProjectJacquard 
This is possible thanks to new conductive yarns, created in collaboration with our industrial partners. Jacquard yarn structures combine thin, metallic alloys with natural and synthetic yarns like cotton, polyester, or silk, making the yarn strong enough to be woven on any industrial loom.
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"The Apple Watch ... is kind of slow."

"Sometimes apps take forever to load, and sometimes third-party apps never really load at all. Sometimes it’s just unresponsive for a few seconds while it thinks and then it comes back."

"It’s also surprisingly heavy."

"[The] side button is extraordinarily confusing."

"In the first of many moments where the Watch felt underpowered, I found that the screen lit up a couple of ticks too slowly: I’d raise my wrist, wait a beat, and then the screen would turn on."

"Having a screen that constantly flips on and off is definitely behind the curve."

"There’s no particularly great digital face, and there’s no ability to load up your own watch faces or buy new ones from the store."

"There’s no master switch to turn all notifications on and off, which is a huge pain."

"By the end of each day, I was hyper-aware of how low the Apple Watch battery had gotten."

"You only get a charging cable, which is lame. For $700, you should a nice charging stand, like you get with the $249 Moto 360."

"There’s virtually nothing I can’t do faster or better with access to a laptop or a phone except perhaps check the time."

"There’s no question that the Apple Watch is the most capable smartwatch available today."

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Брейс ёселф
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Первая ссылка))
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Finding the right movie just got a whole lot easier with the beautiful refresh rolling out on Search.  
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брейс ёселф
рекрут скрин скриншотс виз ингресс-саппорт имэйл а камин
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адада пойзон! адада ремеди!
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Снято одним планом.
Песня классная.
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Alexander Dmitriev (fri)

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Милотометр поломали, суки.
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Полностью согласен!
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Сопротивление бесполезно. Вы будете играть в это целый день. У нас остается только один вопрос: Стьюи или Питер? →

#GooglePlay #FamilyGuy #игра
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О, это же про резист.
Новая фишка на ютубе: 360-градусные видео. Смотреть через приложение. 
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