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Coffee Roasters
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Roasting Coffee at Home!
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Ever wondered how to roast coffee at home? Check out Part 1 of our two-part series on #homeroasting #coffee #roasting
Roasting coffee at home might seem like a daunting task to those unaware of the process. Most coffee drinkers, in fact, probably have no idea.
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Its actually pretty easy.  Even easier now that I got a Behmor 1600.
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Successful Roast!
#coffeeroasting   #homeroasting  
At the end of last week I roasted some Yemen Mokha Ismaili beans that had just arrived from Sweet Maria's, and got to taste the coffee for the first time on Saturday.  Wow!  What an impressive cup of coffee.  One of the best varieties I've roasted so far, that's for sure.
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Yemen is wonderful! I've only gotten ahold off it once.
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Home Roasting Some Yirgacheffe - Impressive!
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Third roast on my stir-crazy turbo-oven (SC/TO) coffee roaster which I built for about $80 after picking up the turbo oven at a thrift shop.

Pictured here, I'm roasting 12 ounces of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe just barely to Full City. I love being able to roast so much at one time as compared to my old popper! Once I get things tuned, I think I'll go for the full pound that I've seen others roast. Many thanks to the following home roaster for detailed directions:

My first try was a disaster given that I used a pre-drilled aluminium flat spacer with too many holes. This caused it to run cool and stretched the roast to 35 minutes, which I subsequently pitched. 

For the next attempts, I replaced the flat with the aluminum yard stick you see in the picture. I pre-drilled holes every 3 inches. It still runs a bit cool but it could be that my convection oven doesn't get as hot as the thermostat indicates. Starting it @ 500 F gives my first crack around 12:45. The last batch went into second crack around 15:00, which is where I halted the roast. 

Items to do:

* Dremel the copper pipe cap covering the plastic stir-crazy stirrer, though that's not strictly needed.
* Connect the yard stick with a fastener (it is held in by tension now). It's tight but I could see getting burned with a 500 degree yardstick if I'm not careful. 
* Use a vice to clamp the aluminum spacers onto the stirrers (not pictured). I think this will give me better surface area for the rotation. 

I cupped my some coffee from my second roast today and am quite pleased with it. Here's to many happy roasts!
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Coffee Harvest of the World!
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Coffee Grinder!
Not having the burr grinder I'd like, this will suffice
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Coffee Roasting Community!
Discussing Roasting Fine Coffee and Espresso
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Coffee Roasters

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London Coffee Festival!
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Funny moments at the London Coffee Festival.
Come and enjoy an Italian espresso or a cappuccino!

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Coffee Roasters

Coffee Roasting Community  - 
The Joy of Coffee Roasting!
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Our cacao roaster is always busy.

"We have a modified coffee roaster for bean roasting. We roast 3-12 test roasts before locking in a specific profile. This process can be as short as two weeks or as long as a few months. We even have a few batches that we've been working on for over a year. 

When we test, we vary the roast temperatures and duration. We create small batches of chocolate with different roasts and then run blind taste tests to evaluate each roast with the team before deciding on a specific recipe."
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Coffee Roasting: Listening for the Cracks!
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I roasted the last of my current batch of beans (Nicaragua RFA Selva Negra Estate) last night.  Normally I roast 4 oz at a time in my Nesco Roaster, but there was 4.4 oz left in the bag, so I went for it.  I kept listening for the cracks (always tricky in the Nesco) and ended up adding more and more roast time.  I started with 24 mins and after adding 5 mins of time and still not hearing anything,  I ended up just letting it go.  The roasted beans ended up darker than I normally roast and with a distinct oily sheen.  I just hope I haven't overcooked these as my next shipment of beans has only just left Sweet Maria's and so I'm completely out of coffee otherwise. I guess I'll find out at breakfast on Saturday how the roast went!
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Looks like a really dark toast well into second crack. It may get oilier next few days. I'm guessing that's full city+ or Vienna levels.
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Old Faithful!
Our old tried but true Genecafe' prolly roasted 150 batches in that thing. But, on to bigger and better units
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We now have a Sonofresco
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