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X-ray illumination, the obvious use for that extra white space on Google+
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Put it to the left of that massive bunion, for comforts sake.
You people are so creative about this whitespace "problem". Makes me love the whole evening :-)
I have heard that it is a space in which they intend to experiment with HTML tables as a new technology for content layout. It is an HTML5.555 thing.
Being a Podiatrist I appreciate the Tip...
yeah this white space is ticking me off cuz i just started yesterday and then BOOM!! everything changed. its to sudden
Ooh I'll have to dig out the scan of my stress fracture so we can go to-to-toe on foot problems...
thats AWSOME!................................
Are the Google folks getting this. We don't like the white space.
Im no doctor, but whats going on with that big toe?
Who would have guessed that a bunion would gain such popularity.
LOL.. post was the funniest !
One of the best! LOL I'm going to go look for some scans!
I actually like the layout, I just saw this as an opportunity to be sarcastic. I actually see most situations as an opportunity to be sarcastic.
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