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Sometimes you win, Sometimes you learn
Sometimes you win, Sometimes you learn

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A study on scale: WhatsApp & Google Drive… the story of our integration

WhatsApp is one of the most popular mobile apps in the world, with over a billion users sending and receiving over 42 billion messages, photos, and videos every day. But what would happen if people lost or upgraded their phones? All these messages and memories would be gone. So we worked with WhatsApp to give their users the ability to back up their data to Google Drive and restore it when they setup WhatsApp on a new phone.

One of the challenges of this integration is scaling for so many users. How did we do it and not fall over? How did we make the integration as simple as WhatsApp itself? Check out our blogpost for some insight on the technical challenges and things we did to make it happen:

#io16 #WhatsApp #GoogleDrive #DriveAPI #GoogleApps

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Google+ is super popular - report.

The Globalwebindex issued a report saying that about one quarter of all Internet users in the world use Google+.

The US tech press has completely ignored this story and falsely believes the ignorant echo chamber BS because 1) journalists love Twitter and hate any social network that competes with Twitter; and 2) North America has the lowest usage in the world, according to this report.

If US tech journalists know anything it's that if US journalists don't use something then nobody does.

Here's Globalwebindex blog post on the news:



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San Sebastian / Donostia

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Hi +Mark Zuckerberg,

I can see you now have 658,472 followers on here, which is awesome, but your profile seems a little on the quiet side. 

To help you out, here are a few tips to get your started on Google+…

This seems to be very low right now, but that is ok, I’m sure as soon as you start posting people will be plussing like crazy. 

Profile picture:
I noticed your photo is tagged with your name, which is excellent, but you may like to consider a slightly ‘clearer head shot’, as this is best for purposes of Google Authorship (see below).

Cover photo:
You still have the default image - this is a little bit boring, so why not check out some of the ones in the free library?

Verified name/profile:
It is great you have a verified Profile, and shield! How did you get that? Do you know someone at Google or something!? 

Just so you know...
an _ each side of the word/phrase makes it italics
a * either side will make it bold
a - will make it a strikethrough
And you can use them all in combination.

This helps posts look even better.

Linking to your website?
I see in your ‘About Section’ that you ‘make things’. Do you blog? Well, if you link it to your Profile, you may even find your image appearing alongside your content in Google Search (an aspect of something called ‘Google Authorship’, which people seem to love.)

Brand Pages:
Also you may like to set up a Brand Page which you can usually link to a website (using a rel=publisher markup).

Other social networks:
Just to say, I know people are often already heavily invested in other social platforms, such as Twitter and LinkedIn, and the good news is that you can use to distribute your Google+ content straight to other social networks too. This is really handy.

I had a quick look and I couldn't find your channel.
You are really missing out as Google+ and YouTube work hand-in-hand. 

And finally…
The people are awesome on Google+; it is a real community.
And know it is ok Mark, even though you may not know anyone to start with, you’ll make new friends in no time.

p.s. Great to see you’ve been on ‘Google’ since Buzz. 


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They've done what now? Sony releases QX100 and QX10 camera modules for smartphones - we've organized all of our related content right here:
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