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How was your blended learning experience this semester overall? What did you expect at the beginning of the course and how this perception changed, if so? How do you think will impact in your student life, learning process, and professional future? #future   #learning   #blendingfutures   #blendedexperience   #learningimpacts   #hws260  

In a weekly basis, we have been using this feedback channel to know everybody's experience on our virtual sessions and other aspects of the course. How did this feedback work for you? In which sense you thinsk was useful or not, impacted on the course design, your own perception of the activities, on your learning self reflection?  Are there any other channels or ways to use them you can imagine for these purposes? #hws260   #feedbackchannels   #selfreflection  

We have been working for more than a month in thinking, researching, designing a web-paper where you develop a topic of your own using different media (text, visuals, audio) to show your research. How was the process in each level and how do you think this kind of transmedia based research, publicly available in the internet eventually, fulfills your learning process and professional development in many aspects? #hws260   #webpaper  

During the course, students were offered some face-to-face ways of getting help from instructors and other students, as the Professors office hours, and the Teaching Fellows program hours. Online, you had access to the Professors' google chat, got the opportunity to use a Discussion board on Canvas to ask questions to anyone in the class, and we opened a Canvas Conference some hours per week to connect remotely with our Teaching Fellows. Why did you use or not use these ways of help during the course? How would you like help being offered more effectively?  #gettinghelp   #hws260  

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Yesterday we had our eleventh virtual session, a remote interview with Santi Pérez Isasi, professor of Spanish Literature at the University of Lisbon and blogger on fiction and book reviews. While one instructor and four students were interviewing him through a Google Hangout conference, the rest of students and other international audience had the opportunity to watch the streaming and provide insights and questions for Santi during the conversation. Other instructor helped to control that everything was going smoothly from the audience view. at first, the instructors and interviewers had some issues to be properly connected, and we started 9 minutes later, after that everything run fine. How was your experience participating in the interview as audience or participant? #hws260    #blogwriting    #onlininterviews  

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We have been working out of the class using technology to track and complete assignments. So far, homework and activities can be fulfilled using your own schedule (in a more or less felxible period before a due date), even if the activity was a collective one (as blog posting or peer-reviewing). On most activities, you didn't need to be together at the same time to work collectively. How this has impacted in the flow of the course, on your learning process, and in the organization of your personal time and life? #workflow   #techandworkandlife  

During the last past weeks, our virtual sessions were an improved version of previous ones (peer-reviewing on Google docs, film collective streaming commenting, videoconferencing in small groups). After using a couple of times the same technology, how do you feel about it? #embracingtechandhabits  

We had our eighth virtual session last Wednesday, a peer-review exercise on the short-stories you wrote for your composition two. How was the activity went? #hws260   #peerreview   #collaboration  
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