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What should be the role of a buyer in the home inspection process?

Everybody talks about the importance of selecting the most competent Staten Island home inspector to make the process of home buying highly beneficial. What about your own role as a buyer? The buyer should also play an active role in making the home inspection Staten Island process highly effective and underestimating the importance of this aspect can land you in trouble. Your role does not stop with selecting a reliable inspector and you should participate in the entire process to make a clear cut assessment about the current condition of the home. You need to be with the inspector on the spot and such an approach will help you understand the issues in a realistic manner.

During and after home inspection, inspector will advise you about what to do and what not to do. He will also offer suggestions and recommendations regarding the construction and existing condition of the building and all these details will be included in the inspection report as well. If you do not follow up on these recommendations and suggestions, there is no point in conducting the inspection and the follow up activities should be done well before closing the deal. You should discuss all these matters with the seller and ask him/her to rectify these mistakes. Unresolved issues can result in the loss of huge amount of money in the future and it is always advisable to get several estimates on repairs so that you can fix a realistic price before signing the contract. You can also seek the help of the inspector to know whether the estimates that you receive from different contractors are within the market price.

You should conduct discussions with the home inspector about the entire procedure and it absolutely essential to sign a written agreement that contains all details about the procedure. You should make sure that the report contains clear cut information about the cost, duration, systems that will be inspected and technology employed and, you should read the fine print carefully before signing the contract. When you know what he will be inspecting, you can be better prepared for the inspection process and you can ask all sorts of questions to clarify your doubts. The contract should also contain a guarantee against the mistakes and omissions the inspector might make and giving adequate importance to all these aspects will safeguard your interests in the best possible manner.

If you think that home inspection is the headache of the professional involved, you are making a serious mistake. You cannot confine your responsibility to reading the report alone and active participation of the buyer has become an inevitable aspect of the inspection process. When you become more active, the inspector will become more vigilant and they will prepare well to clarify all your doubts. The productivity of the professional will get improved in a significant manner when the client cooperates well and the entire process will become more result oriented. As a buyer, home buying process is the realization of your dream and you should always be alert to make the right moves all the time.
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Should I conduct home inspection and if yes, how much should I spend?

Making any investment should be done with proper care and attention to avoid all types of pitfalls. When the investment gets bigger, you should be more vigilant because wrong method of approach can result in huge losses. What about the biggest investment in your life? For most people, purchasing a home is the single biggest investment and any discrepancy can make home purchase a real nightmare for you. You need to conduct a lot of research to identify the most suitable home and with the help of reliable real estate agents; you will be able to find out the best one that goes well with your requirements. Is it enough to make the final buying decision? It is not enough at all. You should identify the existing defects, especially structural defects with the help of a reputed home inspection company and that is where the most importance question’ “how much should I spend for home inspection” comes in.

Some people always think against home inspection and according to them, it definitely adds to their huge financial commitment for purchasing a home. What is the truth? When you skip inspection, you may be able to save a few hundred dollars and you will start living in your dream home. Over a period of time, some of the existing problems can get aggravated and you will be compelled to perform the repair works. You should raise money for the repair works and if there are serious structural problems, the cost will go higher as well. It can go up to thousands of dollars in place of a few hundred dollars that you saved by skipping home inspection. All these aspects clearly suggest that it is always advisable to hire the services of a trustworthy home inspector before making any buying decision.

You can come across a lot of inspectors who offer cheap rates and they may not have the adequate skills and knowledge to perform this task. Quality never comes cheap and on average level, home inspection costs around $500+ dollars. Several aspects should be taken into consideration before selecting a professional and they include qualifications, track record, training and experience as well. You should ask several pertinent questions about the cost and quality inspectors will hand over estimates to their clients before the inspection process. The cost for larger homes will definitely be higher and reliable companies will make you familiarize with the entire procedure well before the commencement of the job.

Though inspection does not demand a huge amount of money, though you get what you pay for. Buying a home is a costly investment and you should not cut corners by seeking the help of the cheapest service provider because it may end up as a deadly mistake. Normally, the cost are very reasonable and the exceptions are bigger properties, residences with a basement apartment, duplex, triplex and other large homes. If you plan to conduct several inspections during the construction, the cost can get higher and it is mainly because the inspector will have to spend a lot time for several stages of inspection. Usually, the payment of the fee takes place after the completion of the inspection.
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4 tips for preventing mold growth

Mold is essential for a good number of purposes. It is needed for decomposing the organic matters in nature and mold is also used to make brie and penicillin. When it grows inside your home in concentrated forms, it can cause a lot of problems as well. How to prevent mold? Take a look at these 4 effective tips to prevent mold:

1) Find out affected areas and rectify the issue

You will not be able to make your home mold-proof but you can make efforts to make it mold-resistant. An audit of your home should be done with the help of a qualified mold testing company and by doing so; the problem areas can be identified. The repair works should be performed to address various issues like water stain on the ceiling, condensation, carpets in the damp basement, damaged gutters and flooding that cause mold infestation. Unattended problems can result in greater complications and conducting a home inspection can help you identify all these problems well in advance.

2) Dry wet areas as soon as possible

Mold grows faster on moisture-prone areas and you should not keep areas wet to provide a suitable setting for mold growth. You should address various issues like water accumulation due to a leaky pipe or seepage into the basement after a rainfall immediately and these areas should be dried within one or two days. If you cannot dry items like water-damaged carpets, furniture and bedding, you need to remove them and it is not at all advisable to leave wet clothes in the washing machine. You should hang wet clothes outside instead of keeping them inside for drying as well.

3) Make sure that your home has proper ventilation

Some of your routine domestic activities can encourage the growth of mold. For example; cooking dinner can invite mold if you do not have proper ventilation in the kitchen and taking a shower will also cause mold infestation if you do not have the correct ventilation in the bathroom. Various systems like AC units and dehumidifiers should be checked frequently to ensure that they do not create moisture themselves and even running an exhaust fan can also prevent moisture to a certain extent.

4) Place mold-resistant products in your home

You can use products that resist mold like mold-resistant sheet-rock, mold inhibitors for paints and mold-resistant drywall. A gypsum plaster core pressed between plies of paper can always be associated with conventional drywall and on the other hand; mold-resistant drywall can be described as paperless. Fiberglass is being used to cover the gypsum core for making the surface extremely water-resistant and these types of drywall are truly effective in areas like kitchens, bathrooms basements and laundry rooms. The removal and replacement of mold from a conventional fiber glass is pretty difficult and expensive as well.


Other methods like directing water away from the foundation of your home, cleaning the roof gutters and improving the airflow will also help you prevent mold growth in the best possible manner. When you find the early signs of mold growth, you will have to hire a mold inspection professional to assess the existing condition and depending on the conclusions of the home inspector, you can perform the remedial steps.
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2 important home inspection mistakes that people should never commit

Did you find the perfect home after having visited a lot of houses and intensely searching the real estate listings? Does it contain all the features that you really want in a home? If you answer in the affirmative, what should be the next step? Instead of closing the deal immediately, you should conduct a home inspection with the help of a qualified professional and it is mainly because you should make sure that the home is free of any serious defects. If you do not conduct an inspection, you may come across some serious defects in the future and it can invite huge expenses as well. Here are the 2 most important home inspection mistakes that you should never commit:

1) Selecting a wrong home inspector

The role of a home inspector is highly significant in making a home buying process extremely fruitful and the home inspector will conduct a complete physical checkup to find out all types of defects. You should select a competent professional who has the knowledge and skill to give a realistic assessment about the existing condition of the house. Some people select a company that offers the cheapest rates and it can be described as a cardinal mistake. You also should not follow the recommendations of a realtor because the business interests of the realtor may clash with your interests. Most probably, inexperienced professionals offer cheap rates to generate business and they may not have the training, ability, knowledge and skills to perform inspection. When you select them, you will not become aware of the underlying reasons behind the defects and these people will come up with some superficial remedial steps and the problem will get worsened over a period of time. As a resultant factor; the cost for repair works will go overboard. You should conduct direct discussions with two or three shortlisted inspectors and ask direct questions about their method of approach, cost, work experience and qualifications as well.

2) Not being present on the inspection spot

Some people commit the mistake of not being present on the inspection report and it will make them suffer badly. Relying simply on the written report will not serve the purpose at all and you may not be able to understand the real gravity of the issue as well. When you take decisions in certain situations based on the conclusions in the inspection report alone, you may end up over-stressing the minor problems and critical issues can get neglected as well. In order to avoid all these mistakes, you will have to go along with the inspector. You should ask necessary questions and at the same time, you should be patient to listen to advice and opinion of the home inspector. Top quality home inspectors will always be willing to clarify the doubts of their clients and you will understand the real nature of the problem in the best possible manner.

Nobody can undermine the role of a home inspector during the buying process because he/she is the one who assesses the existing condition of a home and the conclusions drawn by the inspector will help the buyer to make the right decision. The bottom line is that you should avoid these two common home inspection mistakes to arrive at the best purchase decision.
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Highly effective moisture control methods to prevent mold growth

Many sources play an important role in making your Staten Island home moisture-ridden. Some of most common ways that allow water to enter your home is leaking or by infiltration through basement floors. Showers and cooking can also increase the moisture content in your home and they always add moisture to the air. The moisture level that the air in your home can accommodate depends a lot on the air temperature. When the temperature comes down, the air can hold less moisture and in cold weather, conditions, moisture condenses on surfaces. When the condition is congenial, moisture promotes the growth of biological pollutants like molds in a fast manner.

Excess moisture always leads to mold infestation and in such a situation, you should hire the services of a Staten Island mold inspection company. First of all, you need to identify all leaks and moisture infiltration conditions to prevent mold growth in the best possible manner. If you find that water is coming from outside, you can make use of several options like simple landscaping, extensive excavation and waterproofing as well. The slope of the ground from the home should be kept one inch drop per foot of slope. There can be several reasons for the formation of standing water in the basement and they include absence of gutters, water flow toward the home and many more. If the pipes, tubs or sinks have water leaks, biological pollutants will start to grow to cause great damage to your health.

Moisture from the ground can be prevented by putting on a vapor barrier like plastic cover over soil in areas like crawlspaces and it is always advisable to keep crawl spaces not vented to the exterior. In order to remove the moisture inside, you can use exhaust fans in bathrooms and kitchens and the cloth dryer should be vented to the outside. If you find moisture on windows and other surfaces in your home, you will have to turn off vent-less fireplaces or heaters, kerosene heaters and other damaged air machines as well. It is always advisable not to use furnace humidifiers because they promote mold proliferation and on the other hand: you can use air conditioners and dehumidifiers to reduce the moisture content in the air.

When you find the symptoms of moisture, you can conduct a home inspection to identify the presence of mold growth and a top mold inspection professional will always advise you to balance the heating system and seal the return air ducts as well. Your HVAC system should not be allowed to draw return air from the basement and properly installed attic fans should be used to prevent mold growth and moisture in the best manner. Some people commit the mistake of placing the vents of the dryer towards crawlspaces, garages or attics and you should never commit this mistake.

All these small steps to control moisture will help you keep home mold-free and, it can be said that more and more people have started learning the importance of preventing mold growth. Mold infestation causes a good number of diseases and it can damage your home in a worse manner. If you have not given any attention to all these aspects till now, you need to conduct mold inspection immediately.
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How to make a Debut in the Real Estate Industry

The extraordinary growth of the Staten Island real estate industry has in recent times caught the attention of several potential investors. In case, you are one of the few hopefuls interested in investing the real estate then know now that there are a few things which you should you should first off familiarize yourself with in order to make the best decisions of course taking into consideration the fact that investing in real estate is one of the few major investment which you might make throughout your lifetime and also taking into consideration the level of success which you can achieve if you make the right investment.

Below is an overview of the basic things which you should familiarize yourself with in order to get involved into the Staten Island real estate and make progress from your initial investments. They include:

Getting educated

Prior to making a debut in the industry, it is imperative that you get to educate yourself as much as possible about how the industry operates. The best way to do this is to closely follow latest developments in the real estate industry through reading news paper articles on real estate news, journals or simply enroll for real estate investment classes from where you will be provided with insights of the finer detail of operating in the industry. In short, familiarize yourself as much as you can with the niche in which you are interested in investment in once you are ready to get involved in the real estate.

Ensure you have enough funding

From your research about investing or getting involved in the real estate, in case you are keen, you may have noticed that real estate projects require some serious funding. This being the case, if you are interested in getting involved in the real estate then make sure that you have adequate funds as this will help ensure that you get to invest in the best projects which will generate a size-able amount of profits in the future.

Acquire a real estate license

Operating in the real estate industry is all about trust the right people and making the best decision depending on the options available. This being the case: make sure that you acquire a real estate license as it will help authenticate that you are a genuine real estate operator. This way you will find it much easier to network consequently making better real estate investment decisions as well. In fact having a license to help you grow you clientele network consequently making it easier for you to be a part of major real estate projects which is one of the main objectives/ goals.

In addition to the above, intern with a real estate property developer and most importantly embrace provision of Staten Island home inspectors since it serves to help you negotiate deals with clients much easily being that your home inspector will always have a detailed summary report for any housing unit you have invested in that is put up in the market. Taking into consideration all of the above, will help you to make the right real estate investment choices which will change the economy and make it through different challenges.
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Advantages of Buying a Model Home

Model homes are a very appealing option for Staten Island residents and a perfect choice for people looking for a completed new home to live in. A ready home in this case simply refers to a house which has been properly built and thoroughly inspected to ensure that it meets all the basic requirements for accommodation.

This kind of house should also be properly furnished with some of the best quality fixtures and fittings, attractive flooring, internal painting, modern A/C systems etc.

Model homes serve as the best choice for anyone who does not have the chance to plan, organize and supervise the construction of a new home in spite of having the financial power to do so. Apart from the above, it is important to note that model homes have a variety of benefits of their own once you choose to own any. Below are some of the benefits of owning a model property. They include the fact that:

They are always ready [to live in]

Model homes are always in a ready state; this simply means that in case you are interested in moving in and occupying any, you will be able to do so by simply bring along with you basics such as chairs, couches, beds etc and you will have fully settled in. In fact, right from the moment which you will enter the door of the home you will find that it is in a ready state for use. What’s more, you will not have to worry a lot about making serious modifications [may be some time in future there might be that possibility].

They are characteristic of several additional features

During construction, builders include several additional features into the homes most of which the new generation of home shoppers are interested in e.g. media rooms, state of the art appliances, stone bench tops home offices, modern lighting etc as a potential home buyer, it is very important to note that all of these additional features which are included by builders during construction are all included in final price of the home. The best thing about this is the fact that in the end whoever owns the house will get a chance to enjoy all of these amenities without necessarily having to worry about spending a significant amount of money again trying to have them installed.

The houses are always in perfect condition

During construction of model home, builders go to great lengths to make sure that the homes are built using quality materials and properly maintained. In fact, these houses are cleaned frequently in order to maintain their presentable condition. What’s more, they also feature very beautifully manicured back and front yards with different plants which make the surrounding environment around the house even more accommodating.

Other advantages of buying model homes include the fact that they are characteristic of contemporary floor plans, they are very environmentally friendly plus conducting a home inspection is very easy. Although each person’s needs are very unique, model homes serve as a guarantee for perfect accommodation and security not only for yourself but also for any other person who you may be living with. Please visit our yelp listing also and see more awesome reviews about our services and we encourage you to call with any and all questions. Our main number is 718-305-4834
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Important information about mold inspection

How can you come to know about mold infestations in your Staten Island home? You need to hire a reliable home inspector and he/she will help you figure out the source and quality professionals will also give you effective advice on how to stop it. Moisture is the real villain and if you not know how to deal with moisture problems, your home will always stand in with a chance of getting affected with mold growth.

Dark and humid areas are the most congenial places for mold and spotting these areas can be a difficult process. This problem will get worsened quite fast and you need to conduct mold inspection with the help of an experienced professional to prevent things go out of control. The inspectors will investigate all areas like attics, crawlspaces, behind drywall, basements, ceilings and under sinks and, it can be said that most homeowners do not have an idea about the severity of the issue until the inspection process is performed.

Mold growth in your home can invite a lot of health problems and they include respiratory problems, asthma, allergic attacks and wheezing as well. All these facts point out the importance of conducting a home inspection to assess the presence of mold. This type of mold testing often becomes highly significant when you buy or sell your home. As a buyer, it is your responsibility to ensure that your dream home is mold-free and as a seller, you should maintain your home in the best manner to attract more and more buyers. So, it can be said that professional inspection is an absolute must for both the buyer and seller.

In normal circumstances; people depend on visible signs of mold growth before eradication. Visible signs will come into existence only when things go out of control and it will be pretty hard to remove stubborn growth. Early detection is the best method of approach and the process of eradication will become hassle free in such a situation. Professional inspection agencies will make use of advanced equipment to detect the presence of mold and they will prepare a report for the clients by including the photographs of the affected areas.

You should select a home inspection company that follows a customer-oriented approach and some companies offer both inspection services as well as removal services. You should be a bit cautious towards these companies because some of them may exaggerate the existing condition to force you hire their removal services. It is always advisable to hire a company that conducts inspection alone because of the conflict of interest between the inspection and remedial services.

Reputed professionals will have adequate experience in carrying out inspections in a wide variety of settings and they will also have the ability to understand your unique requirements. Customized solutions can only be expected from quality professionals and their reports will always be highly readable with pictures of the affected areas, moisture content readings, relative humidity readings and many more. It is needless to say that the findings and conclusions of quality professionals will always be fact-based and they will also offer highly effective tips on how to maintain your home mold-free for a very long time. Please visit our yelp listing also and see more awesome reviews about our services and we encourage you to call with any and all questions. Our main number is 718-305-4834
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Home Inspection Staten Island
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