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Meh. I'm ready for 2016.

Having a subpar morning. Need a Lars Von Trier film and roasted kale squares to cheer me up.

Need to fix my mustache bidet, but my bidet repairman is off for a sabbatical in Moldova for 3 months. Meh.

Oh wonderful. The smell of trifling consumerism is finally wafting through the air. Meh.

Ordering another Hibiscus sabdariffa tree after my last one didn't survive my still water-based, gluten-free formula. Agonizing.

It's been awhile since I've thrown anyone in Rat Protector's lair. I believe they call this "missing something."

The fact that being "indie" is now "in" only makes my deposits to the vomit mug all the more frequent.

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Watch the director of MyMusic live, right now talking MyMusic!

Company trip to Boring, Oregon went better than expected. Picked up a recipe for a terrific quinoa-lentil shake. Thrilled.

Need to get the family wheelharp tuned. The C# key sounds horrid.
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