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Sk Dutta
Developing cool software for businesses
Developing cool software for businesses


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How to make your machine run faster

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Polymer Summit 2017 Video Links:

Good talk on why they selected the web components can solve our problem for having a static ip address for testing. Also you can use to get an anonymous url so that you can test from outside your network. See this video:

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Ability to add a filter in timesheet reports to show billable items. This was reported by one of our customers (M Wold) via email. I am putting it here to track requests from one place.


Why is quartz.dll is giving runtime error every time...

I think what happens is that quartz.dll runs in the background. So when you compile general when quartz.dll is running in the background, it tries to remove and writ it again. However, quartz.dll is locked at this time. So it only deletes after the compilation completes and is recycled.

So it gets deleted. The solution may be to put it under the dlls folder also. Or just copy it after compilation

This is just a hunch...
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Roles and Privileges in OfficeClip - Part 2

This time it is with sound!
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OfficeClip Roles, Privileges and Access Permission - Part 1
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How to cut 50% of your work time

While reading the book on Deep Work by Cal Newport, I was thinking about how some people can get their job done in half the time. I decided to start experimenting with deep work.

While working, like anyone else, I am distracted with emails, customer calls, meetings etc. Here is what I did to implement deep work in my schedule.

1. I started blocking some time in my daily calendar when I will not attend any meetings or even talk to anyone other than urgent customer calls. My time intervals are each one hour (with one short 5 minutes break at halfway point). I book three to five such intervals daily.

2. I try to avoid all interference or delay it till the end of the interval.

3. This is important: I set a goal to complete twice the work during this time. Even if the goal is not achieved it keeps me on my toes and not distract me.

4. Before stating the work, I think of the goals I was going to achieve for about 5 minutes.

5. At the end of the work I write a few lines of feedback.

6. I use a free online software called to keep track of my deep work using the pomodoro technique.

Within a week I am finding that I am getting more done every day than ever before. What is the point of working long hours when you can get the same done in about half the time! Unless ofcourse you enjoy what you do and then you are not really working any more!

I am new to polymer. I would like to redesign our mobile app in polymer. Currently it is working in JQuery Mobile. We use sql server at the backend. I am also looking for adding some level of offline access.

1. Looking into the specs I found that Couch-DB can be used for local database. I however, could not find any integration with backend databases like sql server etc. Do we need to implement it ourselves (using service worker?)

2. Looked into firebase but it looks like it has both client and server components so I am not sure how to integrate it with sql server back end.

3. I also see that the polymer api changed a lot between 0.5 and 1.0. Is it stable enough now and can be used for production?

Thanks for your time

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Version 1.7.20 of the Sage-50 Add-in for OfficeClip is released. Details and Downloads:
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