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Stephanie Cage
Romance writer, book lover and 'Strictly Come Dancing' fan.
Romance writer, book lover and 'Strictly Come Dancing' fan.

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Cover Reveal: The Crash
For a few weeks now I've been blogging my novel, The Crash, and last week things really heated up as we found out that hotshot businessman Jason Jackson-Jones has a dirty secret - he's been cutting corners in the manufacturing process in a way which could c...

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Welcome Nancy C Weeks
Hello Nancy!  It's
lovely to have you visiting again! I interviewed you in 2013 when
Shadow of Greed came out, and you said that it was going to be part
of a five book series. How did it feel, seeing the whole Shadows and
Light series come together? It

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Do you need to change your beliefs about writing?
It surprises me slightly that I recently felt the need to
write a blog post about affirmations.   I
used to think they sounded woolly and new agey and I couldn’t imagine them working
for me. Somehow, though, I couldn't quite give up the feeling that this te...

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The Crash: Chapter Four
In last week's instalment we met Jason's new PA, Gaby, and his potential new Engineering Manager, Brad.  This week we spend some time getting to know them both and finding out some of the secrets of Jason's factory. Chapter Four Gaby
looked around at the po...

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Hollywood Kisses: Cover Reveal
I'm excited that my romance Perfect Partners has been selected to appear in an ebook bundle along with some of my favourite Crimson Romance authors including J Arlene Culiner, who I interviewed on my blog way back in 2015.   The collection features a select...

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Great to hear from the lovely Jacques again. I did enjoy Messandrierre!

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The Crash: Chapter Three
I recently introduced hard-nosed businessman Jason Jackson-Jones in  Chapter One of The Crash . After week one saw him waiting for a new PA and Engineering Manager, in Chapter Two he filled the first of those gaps.  But is his new PA exactly what he's looki...

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Affirmations Do Work: Affirm Your Way to Writing Success
Recently I read a post on one of my favourite sites,
mindbodygreen, entitled ‘ Why
Affirmations Don’t Work and What You Should be Doing Instead .’  I’d started an argument with the author
before the page had even finished downloading. A few minutes later I ...

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The Crash: Chapter Two
Last week I posted the first chapter of Jason's story.  Since the story was inspired by Dickens' A Christmas Carol , and I'm posting it in a serialised form, I'll introduce this week's instalment with a summary of the previous chapter in my best attempt at ...
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