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Link4Growth SW Herts
Nurturing and Supporting local community and business
Nurturing and Supporting local community and business


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Woodside is Watford
You have till the 11th December to make your voice heard There are plans afoot to rearrange boundaries of our MP's constituencies. If you haven't heard then along with reducing the number of MP's the idea is that the actual constituencies become similar in ...

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Wellbeing Cafe collaboration with L4GSWHerts
Developing our local community through collaboration ... as we approach 2018, we extend a very warm welcome to the Wellbeing Cafe...  There is a growing group of local businesses that are beginning to come together to create something really rather special....

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Local Bakery wins best loaf... September Baking awards
It is old news now that Cinnamon Square is a multi award winning local bakery... indeed back in September (2017) down in Park Lane, Paul Barker did it again with his aptly named Church Street Sour, a loaf that gets its distinctive sour taste from a 12 year ...

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Small Acts of Kindness - Now not so small...
Back in January 2015 during the coldest few days of the winter Lynne Misner experienced the horror of living in a house without heating.  Living in a house without heating turns a lovely warm home into a cold, grey and uncomfortable place. It's like going f...

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World Premature Day - Audrey Mitchell
This month of November is our month as we celebrate World Premature day! Events are dotted around on our facebook page . We still would love to keep supporting others like us, so anyone affected by Prematurity please do to join us. Christmas of 2010 was the...

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Lots happening since the Link4Growth organisation moved to a Community owned Association on May 1st...

All the latest news below!
The Link4Growth national newsletter is now out!

Lots of news and updates on many of the changes this year!

Please take a moment or two to have a read and please do get in touch if you would like to participate in any way or find out more about starting a new event in your own area, becoming a 'Friend of Link4Growth' or maybe running a workshop or starting a Link4Business event?

Exciting times!

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Random Cafe Watford - Part of the Real Junk Food Project
It was fabulous to meet up with Jane Johnson once more on Wednesday 23rd August. We were aiming to meet at D20 - Games Cafe in Queens Road however our early meeting at 10:00am meant last minute change of plans to Ocean Bells Coffee Company instead, another ...

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Overview of the 1st SWHertsPHS 'Open Evening'
The 1st of 3 open evenings took place at  +The Kitchen Croxley  on Wednesday 14th August 2017. Around 15 people were there to learn more about the People's Health Service. I had prepared a series of flipchart pages to provide a little structure to the eveni...

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Who should we be voting for as Mayor for Watford?
Baroness Dorothy Thornhill And so... the elected Mayoral position of Watford is up for grabs! After 16 years at the helm ... Mayor Dorothy is stepping down to make way for a fresh face... but who? Well it will be a fascinating contest won't it? It is very i...

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Kicking off the SWHerts - Peoples Health Service (PHS)
Are you involved in any aspect of Health and Wellness? Do you believe that people could be much healthier if they had access to information that would enable them to make better choices? Would you like to be part of an evolution of Health Service provision ...
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