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I build robots
I build robots

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Roz - Raspberry Pi
Its been a while since I posted here - life has been busy. The first revision of the power board had a couple issues, so we ended up doing a second revision. This second revision works great. Power Board Revision 2 I 3D printed a mount for Roz so I could fa...

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Roz - Power Board
So my brother Dave and I have been designing a new power management and distribution board for Roz and his walker. Dave bought a 6-legged bioloid walker from Trossen Robotics, and we'll be sharing code and hardware on our projects. Its very close to being s...

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Roz - Obstacle Scanning
I wrote up a simple scanning routine for Roz that does a 120 degree scan using the front-facing GP2D12 sensor, gathering a result every 40 ms (basically the update rate of the sensor). The scan takes one second, so the resolution ended up being five degrees...

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Roz Walks Again
So two years ago, you might remember I ported Roz to run in Python on a BeagleBone Black. I really like Python, but I figured out that I'm not so happy having a small simple robot running an OS. Basically, its major overkill, and it introduces a lot of prob...

So I'm in the process of getting my Sherline CNC mill set up with ChiliPeppr, with the serial port json server running on an Rpi, and GRBL on an Arduino Uno, feeding through a xylotex 3-axis step driver. I've got everything hooked up, and it works well, but I'm not getting any feedback to the 3D view when I'm running a gcode file, in terms of the milling head position.

Is that expected? When I do manual gcode commands (like say G0X20) the 3D view updates as it is doing it.

I'm running Grbl 0.9j, and version 1.83 of the SPJS.

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CNC Milling
As some of you probably remember, I have a Sherline CNC milling machine. It hasn't had much use in the last five years, but sometimes you really need to make robot parts out of metal instead of 3D printing them in plastic. My Sherline CNC Mill I needed some...

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Seeker 2x Running MicroPython
My new boards came in today, ordered from Dangerous Prototypes . I ordered the boards on October 6, and they arrived at my door on October 14, which is amazing. The best part was the cost, the boards (10 copies of one board) were $10, plus $20 for 2-day shi...

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Two Old Warriors
I moved to London Ontario this past summer, and one of the perks of moving to a city is having a local hackerspace. unLab is a neat place, with an interesting cast of regulars who show up every Thursday night. I have more stuff and better tools for the most...

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Work Stuff
Some of you might be interested in the stuff I am doing at my day job (Mozilla - been working for them for two years now). In general, I'm building tools for measuring power consumption on FirefoxOS phones. Those tools include hardware and software componen...

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Arduino Robot
So, its been quite a while since I last posted here. Sorry, haven't been working on anything robotics related in a couple months. Today I got a robot in the mail from a contest I won over at Diigiit Robotics . This is the first robot I've owned (other than ...
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