My Friday the 13th

We use a digital scale to count parts for our kits and it died yesterday.  So I went to the nearest 'smoke shop' to buy a cheap replacement.

I wanted to try out the scale that I intended to purchase and proceeded to install the batteries.  What I didn't notice was that one them was leaking, and when I snapped the battery cover in place a droplet of battery fluid squirted right into my eye.

Good thing I brought a friend along because he ended up driving me to the emergency ward where I got to experience having my right eyeball flushed out using a 'Morgan Lens'.

The instructional chart below will give you an idea of what it's like.  A liter of saline solution is flushed over your cornea and it takes about 20 minutes.

Afterwards the doctor put a drop of orange colored dye on my cornea in order to make visible any damage, of which I'm happy to report was minimal.

So I'd like to thank Dr. Morgan for inventing his 'Lens' and I want to again thank the emergency ward staff for the eye-opening experience.

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