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Motor Service Marketing
Motor Service Marketing - Auto Repair Marketing Company
Motor Service Marketing - Auto Repair Marketing Company


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Ford Truck Repair Specialist In Spring Texas. Ford F-150, F-250 and F-350 Pickup Truck repair, oil change, service and factory scheduled maintenance - AT PRICES BELOW THE DEALERSHIP!

Quality Auto Center at 17613 Kuykendahl Rd, Spring TX 77379.
Only half a block South of Cypresswood Dr. - Directly across the street from The Whiskey Room, Just South of Wells Fargo Bank.

When your Ford truck is in need of auto repair service and maintenance, or just needs an oil change, Quality Auto Center can handle it all with expert counsel and service.

A friendly small shop that knows how to treat customers with respect and great service.


WHY PAY MORE FOR FORD F150 OR F250 TRUCK REPAIR (FOR EXACTLY THE SAME REPAIR AT THE DEALERSHIP) - FOR ONLY HALF THE WARRANTY? Wise Ford Truck owners come to Quality Auto Center for their auto repair, maintenance and oil changes.

Take a look at Quality Auto Center - Ford F-150 Truck Repair right here: CLICK ON LINK BELOW:

We look forward to seeing you and your wonderful Ford Truck very soon!

Call now for your Ford Truck Service appointment Right Now...
You'll be glad you did. And you won't be disappointed!
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AUTO REPAIR DIRECT MAIL ADVERTISING! Don't ya just wish that someone would come up with a new idea, a concept that would make auto repair advertising direct mail much easier? AND MUCH MORE PROFITABLE!! 

You know - Much More Effective. I mean something really different that actually brought in customers that loved their car so much they would spend whatever it takes to keep it running to perfection and didn't hesitate to spend the money with me?

Something so easy to score top customers with - it would be like this photo. Being able to one put every green!

Well there is such a program. Motor Service Marketing, a 32 year advanced auto repair advertising direct mail company has developed CAR MAKE MARKETING! It changes everything...

Click the below link to get a good idea why clients using this direct mail program for auto repair shops are sticking with the Ad-Card program for 5 years, 10 years - even up to 20 years! WHY? Simple. It works...

This program makes saturation mailings and median income mailing list targeting look like child's play.

And we can get you the actual - real DMV mailing List in 16 states. As well as the very best compiled mailing list by car make and year (selected by comparison with the DMV List) for the other 34 states.

And - Motor Service Marketing is the only auto repair marketing direct mail company that offers you EXCLUSIVITY.


Motor Service Marketing. Building auto repair shop income levels for 32 years.
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Last Living Member of the Mr. Coffee Marketing Team Tells The Story of How They Captured over 50% of the coffee maker market the first year. And now, how he has applied his skills as an Auto Repair Direct Mail Marketing Expert for the last 32 years.

1974 photo of the Mr. Coffee and La Machine marketing team.
From left, Zed Daniels Jr. (myself).

Gene Staley owner of SMY media buying group who purchased our TV and radio commercial time slots nationwide.

Don McCoy, president of Jetron printed circuit board and metal fabrication, manufacturing company Chicago (owned by Dad).

Zed Daniels (Dad), owner of MCI advertising and marketing company, the genius behind the Mr. Coffee introduction and marketing plan. Also owner of the International Business Development Corporation.

Howard Teitler at his special surprise luncheon where he was being promoted from VP to President of the company.

The next guy, I cannot remember his name, because he was not part of our team.

Jim Griffin - next - Corporate Counsel.

And Ken Tauber, creative and art.

The only one not shown here was Joe Sedelmaier, who did all of our Mr. Coffee and La Machine TV commercials. (Joe was best known for the "Where's The Beef" Wendy's TV Commercial.)

Joe won more Cleo Awards than any other producer in the industry at that time. I still have the CLEO award for best TV commercial in 1982 for the "REMEMBER" Mr. Coffee commercial.

And yes, there was one more person missing. Joe DiMaggio. Who lived in California and was not available for our Chicago luncheon that day. Of course, Joe was our national spokesman for Mr. Coffee.

Why am I putting this up on Google Plus today? I just found out that Howard Teitler passed away back in 2012. He was the last to go from this group - leaving me as the only remaining team member.

Sometimes you just wish you could go back and do it all over again! Exciting times, hard work, but completely satisfying and tremendous fun. Especially working with Dad! 

Dad got the Mr. Coffee account in the summer of 1972. He called me down for lunch immediately after being awarded the account. Dad, Howard and I sat there enthralled over what Zed Sr. was telling us. Howard was offered a job on the spot to come in and help build the success of this great new product introduction. Started out with just the three of us.

Mr. Coffee started from scratch. The first ever personal drip coffee maker on the market. It was selling for $50 when most percolators were going for $7.50 to $15. It seemed an impossible task. But the "Old Man" came up with a great strategy and spokesman, and it worked miracles. Joe DiMaggio was so well respected, he was a hit instantly!

We actually captured 50% of the coffee maker market the first year. (Dad always said it was up to 80% at its peak). But either way, it was the best of times.

Dad also tried to get the company to introduce Mr. Coffee - coffee filters - almost immediately, but the company decided to wait for over 2 years before they let us go after it. It also became an overnight success.

We had put together and implemented the most successful marketing and advertising program the housewares industry had ever seen. The new sales record was ours! How does it get any better than that?

Then, about a year later, we did it again with the La Machine Food Processor. We grabbed some 40% of the food processor market from Cuisinart the first year as well. WHAT FUN IT ALL WAS!!!

And this is where I learned about advertising and marketing. From the best in the industry. I was proud and blessed to have such an education. I was 24 at the time. I love and miss all of you guys!!

For the last 30 years I have had my own advertising and marketing company, working with independent auto shops, doing auto repair direct mail marketing. How did I get involved in auto service advertising?

My first job out of college was as a product manager with the Stewart Warner Corporation in Chicago. I was in the marketing division and traveled the nation promoting our products in print and in person.

After a couple years I was transferred to the Stewart Warner Instrument division as the youngest regional sales manager in the history of the company. These were great times for me too, and I learned all about the inside of auto repair shops.

But, you say, what can you do for my auto repair shop? For 32 years we have created auto repair marketing direct mail, public relations and web site designs to bring in fine car customers with money.
Using the DMV auto repair advertising direct mail mailing list that we have available in 16 states - see

The level of cars and people that this program brings in are simply astounding.

Unlike the huge auto service marketing direct mail companies who have 20 designers that kick out 10 to 15 postcard designs per day, we are lucky to get just one or two completed. Why? Because we take the time to do it right - so it will bring in the customer you are looking for.

Why does it take so long? Because I design them all myself. I agonize over them. If you send me a bad photo, I will send you back to shoot another one. (Where the large - cheap and easy - get it done fast - designers will take anything you give them).

Aren't they supposed to be the experts? Why don't they tell you that a photo of your shop with all the doors closed and no cars in the lot won't work?? I have even seen such junk up on my competitor's web sites for all to see!! Using childish headlines that are guaranteed not to work and ME advertising copy that does nothing but talk about them! Complete trash - guaranteed to bring in nobody or the wrong customer.

The elements of your direct mail postcard are just like the parts you put on the cars you repair. Some are good. Some are bad.

If you are a quality - responsible - shop, you use only the right parts. That is how I work. I will even put together a photo setup for you (and we have a photo guide) to show you how to shoot great photos. If your photos are not right, I will not design anything until I get good photos. 

But I am that way because we already know what elements work and what doesn't work - to bring in upscale customers. After 32 years of doing this - that is simply a fact.  

We are not the fastest. We are simply the best. If you want to push me to do something that I consider not right - I will simply guarantee that your postcard will not work. I have yet to be wrong on this call.

If success is what you are looking for. Call us. We can discuss and answer most questions concerning any area of auto repair marketing.

I often discuss other forms of marketing that we don't even do with our clients - because we know they won't work. The advice is solid, because at the age of 67, with 46 years of advertising and marketing under my belt, God has blessed me with some great insights.

We do auto repair marketing direct mail, a completely different way from most. We do it by going after customers by car make and year rather than the usual saturation or median income level methods used by most marketing companies. The results and profits are dramatically different.

I simply took what I learned on the national level from Dad and company, and applied it to the auto repair industry. And it has worked amazingly well for the last 32 years.

Our specialty is bringing in high income customers with fine cars - instead of simply increasing car count - which almost always returns low RO averages.

Motor Service Marketing is the name of our automotive advertising company and I have been at it since 1984. Still love it. Still kick it hard and have a long list of long-time loyal customers all across the nation.

The longest is Steve Louden from Dallas who has used our Ad-Card auto repair direct mail marketing program for 20 consecutive years.

We also have the DMV mailing list for 16 states - and the best compiled lists in the nation for the other 34 states (based on comparisons to the DMV List) so you can select the cars you make the most money on by make, model and year. There is just nothing else like it.

Pin Point Targeting and Fine-Car-Customer Attracting Card Designs is what makes the difference between cheap customers or Prime Customers.

Call me - or my son Wes - if you are an auto repair shop owner. I can give you some great tips... By choice we do not work with dealerships. We take joy and pride taking auto repair business away from them.

You can read my book free online. No sign up required. The only reason for a sign up is so sales people can bug you.

The Art and Science of Selling Auto Service.
32 years of auto repair marketing direct mail experience on every page.

Or give us a call to find out how we can significantly change your cash flow and in-pocket-profits by flipping your customer base.

Motor Service Marketing
Auto Repair Marketing Direct Mail By Make-Model-Year
Zed Daniels 800-428-0286
We would love to chat with you.
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Auto Service Marketing dollars right down the drain? Dan Dunn - one of our original partners in this business - drew this chart back around 1986. Why? Because it typified the number one problem that most auto repair shops had back then and still have today. They buy cheap auto repair direct mail marketing that returns little or no income.

See what Dan Dunn is doing now. Bet you have heard of him!
He's got 3 shows coming up with the Houston Symphony in 2015.
(A little plug for an old friend).

When you are ready to start actually making money from your auto repair direct mail marketing - look at this:
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Auto repair marketing direct mail client, Steve Louden of Dallas, is our longest running client of 20 years. He made this video in 2002 (after 5 years of working with our Ad-Card auto repair direct mail marketing program) and has proved every word he said in these videos - by continuing to use the Ad-Card program for the next 15 years. 20 YEARS TOTAL!

Steve answers all your questions about every aspect of advertising this way. There are multiple short videos for each question you could possibly have. Click below for this valuable information:
See More At:

Then give us a call so we can give you a free market analysis and proposal - based on the car makes and years of your choice in your local area.

CALL NOW: 800-428-0286
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Auto Service Marketing direct mail has only one purpose. To significantly increase your income. If it is not doing that, you are using the wrong auto repair advertising direct mail marketing method or company.

Auto repair shops that settle for cheap direct mail advertising, that brings in mostly cheap, low RO average customers, will never reach their income goals. Find out how to reach your higher income goals.
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