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I need 3 of 4 volunteers to help me test something. It's Sweeter Home related, but NOT to do with the app directly.

Comment here and I'll add a small group of people to a special circle.
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Happy to help, but don't have SH currently installed
That's cool - like I said, it's not directly app related.

On a side note - GO INSTALL IT! :)
lol, my N1 is running on fumes :)
Install SH, then visit the theme list and install PYE. Then show it off to your friends...
If you still need ppl count me in.
+Sweeter Home I will be on vacation and maybe not much chance to get online for the next 2 weeks..
can I do that after 2 weeks?
I like the direction you are going but do you plan to make easier to make screen changes. It seems like it is very arduous to do this
Thanks all. I've added most of you to a circle and sent the message out.
Sorry man if I can't help
I'm always up for being a tester
i'll test if you still need it.
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