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Sweeter Home
Create your own homescreen experience, right on your Android phone.
Create your own homescreen experience, right on your Android phone.


A few of you may remember a Wave that Lemon started ages ago for Sweeter Home. Wave is now closing down, so I archive that Wave in PDF format here:
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RoboThin_HD on the Sweeter Home theme list.
Galaxy Nexus (or similar HD phone) required...
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New build: 1139.

Hit menu > More > Recent changes (yes, changelog!)

In Edit Mode, hit menu > Theme settings ... About theme is a long form page where you can describe how the theme works. Then you can view this in active mode by hitting menu > more > About Theme.
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I need 3 of 4 volunteers to help me test something. It's Sweeter Home related, but NOT to do with the app directly.

Comment here and I'll add a small group of people to a special circle.
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The external service:

Add an image, edit it, choose image. :)
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Build 1085 up now at

Includes "Full Screen" option in Preferences.

Also the newest builds have integration with an external service. Anyone seen that yet?
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Hi team, new build is available now.

Would appreciate if you can uninstall before re-installing this.

This build brings some extra bits: specifically an Intro system, and the beginnings of a Help system. It's not yet complete, but not a bad start.

Would LOVE your feedback on these elements.


(Yes, more is coming).
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Who wants a free extra 2GB for Dropbox? I've got one code to giveaway. Circle +Sweeter Home and tell your mates. I'll be giving the code away in a couple of hours!
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