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WCS (worst case scenario) Training

1. The purpose of this training is to create a degree of physical readiness in the realm of stamina, balance, speed and strength to assist in cases of fire, flood or active shooters. 

2. This training IS NOT a substitute for specific training in regard to any of those situations. 

3. This training is to be considered “advanced” that is to say, you already do work out, you already know your limits and weak points, you should be aware what might injure you. Use this workout at your own risk. 

4. This training SHOULD BE modified to accomodate different potential situations that you, the user, may encounter. 

Should you live/work in a high rise building, adding more stairs is wise
Should you work/live on a flood plain, adding more “swimmers” would be wise. 
Should you live/work at a college, shopping mall, or area where large crowds can potentially come targets for some psycho with issues, the fireman’s carry, the sprint, etc. 
5. Add warm-ups and cool downs to taste. 

30 second sprint

1 minute planking

Fireman carry 120 lb bag 100 yards

3/4 Mile jog

Carry 50 lbs up and down stairs

Army combatives “get up” called Stand In Base, (p.36) (25 each side) 

Swimming (20 lizards, 20 supermans, 40 swimmers)

2 Minutes Planking

60 Second sprint

5 minutes American boxing drills

5 minutes kick boxing drills

1 mile Jog

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"The Battle For Tomorrow Starts Today!" 
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