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Peter Groen
Retired federal executive, author, speaker, researcher, and avid supporter of 'Open' Technology & Solutions
Retired federal executive, author, speaker, researcher, and avid supporter of 'Open' Technology & Solutions

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Black History in Clarendon County and South Carolina
Times and Democrat Newspaper in Orangeburg, S.C., previously published an excellent series of articles on the chronology of Black History in
South Carolina. The author of the series, Richard Reid, is president
of the Orangeburg Historical and Genealogic...

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Smart Tents and Hi-Tech Camping around Santee Cooper Country
Going camping? Next time, think about visiting the Santee
Cooper Lake Country in South Carolina. If you are not traveling in a Recreational Vehicle (RV), you might want to bring along a ‘smart’ tent and some of the following hi-tech camping gear. Those of y...

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Prominent Citizens from Historic Clarendon County, S.C.
Some of the
most prominent names in Clarendon County today such as Cantey, DuBose,
Gaillard, Des Champs, Richbourg, Lesesne, McFaddin, Guerry, Millette, Sprott,
and Mouzon have their origins with the early settlers who came up the Santee
River from coastal ...

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US Intelligence Report Released on Russian Activities in Recent US Election Process
Excerpt from NPR Article : The public version of the intelligence report on the investigation
into Russia's interference in the U.S. elections concludes that Russian
President Vladimir Putin personally ordered the "influence campaign."   Download and read...

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Long Range Plans and Strategies for Small Town Success
was recently reading an article on “ Strategies for
Small Town Success .” It stated that leaders in struggling rural
communities and small towns often pin their hopes for economic
prosperity on the recruitment of a large manufacturing plant to
“save” thei...

#SanteeCooperCountry - New Year's edition of #Summerton Weekly News is now out. http://SummertonNews.COSITech.Net 

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South Carolina 2016 By The Numbers
Here are just a few
selected facts related to the state of South Carolina in 2016 - Estimated population of South Carolina as of July 1, 2016, was 4,961,119 1,155,389
ballots cast for Donald Trump in SC during recent
Presidential election ; 855,373 ballot...

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Grandpa Goes Home: A New Beginning
“She went to check on him… One minute he was just sleeping; the next, he
was gone.” As tears formed in my mother’s eyes, my heart began to realize the
awful truth. Grandpa was gone. My insides felt like scrap-metal
being crushed into a heap of nothing. I...

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Introduction to 'Open' Agriculture Software and Tools
Open Solutions, and Innovation (COSI) are the key
management strategies individuals and organizations need to embrace
and incorporate in their daily lives and business practices in order
to compete and succeed in the 21st century. The growing...

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A Christmas Short Story: No Time for Tinsel
No Time for Tinsel By Susan McNeill
Roberts I      “Not again! ” Cassie Simmons
groaned as an all too familiar rustle and swish from the front part of the
house indicated her daughter had struck once more.   What Alice's personal vendetta was against
this p...
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