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Elizabeth Williams
Country mom trapped in a suburban mom's body breaks free
Country mom trapped in a suburban mom's body breaks free

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Fear vs. Information
Recently I was talking to a friend about the girls' diagnosis with Type 1 Diabetes; how being part of 'support groups' for this disease is both a blessing and a challenge. On the one hand it's finally people who 'get it'.  Those who are living the same turm...

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Christmas Tree
Here it is, Jan 27, 2017 and our Christmas tree and Christmas decorations are still up. "What?"  You say.  "It's almost February.  How can you still have your Christmas decorations up?  You're one of THOSE neighbors." I could make excuses...... as we HAVE b...

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Time is Zooming Along
Last week, Bethany and Elijah had to take an Accuplacer exam so they could get college credit for 3 of their high school classes they are taking on-line. Elijah at the 4H fair dog show. Not a big deal. Bethany this summer at the 4H fair fashion show. Just a...

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Rarely a Dull Moment
As many may recall, the past week greeted us with many wildlife adventures. We noticed the new rabbit hutch was having visitors that destroyed the bags of sunflower seeds we have in a cage for the bunnies' consumption; stealing as many as they could through...

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Always Something Exciting
Over the last several days, since we built our new, improved, bigger rabbit hutch and moved the rabbits into it.... we noticed 'signs' of critters coming to visit.  We assumed it was a raccoon b/c it was stealing hay and sunflower seeds from inside the hutc...

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School Begins - Again.
I couldn't believe summer was coming to an end. 4H fair was complete. Vacation was over. Only a week between all the fun activities and school beginning. That week flew by. Our books had arrived during fair week and I managed to get everything organized and...

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A Sweet Spirit
As we celebrate Charity turning 9 years old this week, I couldn't help but admire her sweet spirit.  To be reminded of her caring style.  To observe her thoughtfulness; her quiet nature; her introspective ways. My sweet adventurous girl turning 9. Watching ...

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My Daughter's Wisdom
In the last several years, I've had the privilege to watch as Bethany has gained wisdom and insight about life. She's always been a smart girl.  She admittedly isn't a 'lover of learning' like her brothers, but none-the-less.... very intelligent. Just latel...

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Diabetes Report Card?
As a mom to 2 with type 1 diabetes and the wife of an adult with T1D, I have grown to know the A1C as a 'report card' of sorts. As we battle this disease day in, day out - part of that battle is attempting to keep blood glucose levels in a 'target' range.  ...

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Dog Training (or the lack thereof)
I titled this post Dog Training (or the lack thereof), but really it's just a way to showcase our cute little Titus.  He's a bit over a year old now.  We are beginning to think he might be just about done growing.  He didn't get quite as big as we expected,...
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