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A House Called Home
Sometimes life and teaching get muddy.
Sometimes life and teaching get muddy.

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100% Parent
I'm sure I've told this story here before, but I'll tell it again because it is worth repeating. We met Ashley four days before Christmas.  We picked her up from a Children's home in a town nine hours away from ours.  We stayed in a Holiday Inn.  We celebra...

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Somebody to Somebody
Hannah has been talking, but not just her usual chatting around the house.  She's been traveling across Texas speaking to folks who are considering foster care and adoption. Big groups, small groups, individuals - it doesn't matter to her.  If you're willin...

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It Sounds So Easy
I've been thinking a lot about our adoption journey and what I would do differently. The girls and I talk about it from time to time. I can only go forward, not back. But looking back, evaluating what went well and what went not-so-well is still important. ...

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The Importance of Mealtime
It's never what you thought it would be. I think that's true about many aspects of life, but I think it's especially true about adoption. You had a picture in your mind. Even though you heard others say it was going to be hard, you never thought it would be...

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Tomorrow is a New Day
No matter what happens today, tomorrow gets to be a fresh start. That's just how we roll around here. It's how we have to roll because a whole lot can go wrong on any given day. I wasn't good at this the first time around.  I wanted some sort of consequence...

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Far From Perfect
She graduates in May.  I can't believe it. Seems like yesterday and forever since she moved into my world like a firecracker. She was hard to handle and I did it all wrong. But God is gracious and kind and gives second chances (and third and fifteenth and o...

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The Face of Foster Care
I would guess he was sixteen, although it was nearly impossible to tell with the hood of his sweatshirt pulled so far down over his eyes and his head on the table.  He was tall.  Maybe that's why I guessed sixteen.  He was sitting, surrounded by others, but...

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She is One of Them
Everyday my girls and I climb out of our beds, eat breakfast, and begin our day.  We laugh, we work, we eat, and sometimes we fuss.  We do it all together. And I forget that every single one of them started somewhere else. But there are some who never forge...

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What Christmas Looks Like Now
I just wrapped this present... It says a lot about me these days.  There was a time when this would have put me over the edge. I love wrapping paper from Hobby Lobby.  It is the top of the line in wrapping papers. This is not it. This is the thinnest paper ...

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Cruise Ship or Battleship?
Recently the girls and I listened to a missionary. He
ministers to people all over the world. He spends his days spreading the Gospel
to a lost and dying world in places I have never even heard of.   He is in the midst of the battle. He posed this question ...
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