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Gerald Belton
Being first doesn't always mean you are considered the Pioneer...
Being first doesn't always mean you are considered the Pioneer...

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Hello community. Recently I've noticed non BMW sharing on our community. For this reason, I have temporary added a membership approval until Google is able to reduce this type of spam. Bear with us for this short change. Thank you. 

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Can you guess what the Next New M will be? "Read the question carefully before responding..." 

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Here's a GEM for all the BMW ///M fans:

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Are you ready? @6:01PM tonight the answer will be revealed. Where?… periscope TV.


Life in BMW continues to bring new challenges and exciting opportunities.

The M2 is coming... Thoughts. Questions. 

With an interview in the books and public knowledge, including numerous talks about the new M  leader discussing an All-Wheel-Drivetrain potentially for the M5 / M6... What are your thoughts?

Many of us own or have owned an M.  It's important to know what your feelings are on this potential direction for the M brand...

Hi Guys,

Thank you for all your contributions and activity.  My singular request is to try keeping our posts, pics, and videos to Everything M.  :)

Enjoy the Drive...

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It's here!  The NEW LCI 2015 M6

Thanks for the posts. Be sure to keep it everything M. 
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