Regarding this topic, we (me and Bike Hugger) didn't jump on the let's beat up GM bandwagon and I tweeted this instead,

"There goes bike culture again, playing the victim, instead of spinning the @gm ad to their favor. Ads like that have ran since the Model T."

Pro bike races are led around by cars and there's VW & Trek, Volvo & Cannodale, Toyota & Parlee, Mclaren & Spesh or BMW & Renovo. Also while the shrill voices were raised against GM, this Lincoln ad with Calfee started running.

We've got a PR problem, us cyclists, and responding like this to an ad indicates a good reason why people don't like us. We most certainly can't take a joke about ourselves either. Who's next? Going to question Calfee for shilling Lincolns?
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