Problem with the Bike Industry is Jill and Her Bicycle Seat

While the problem of flat sales in the bike industry for some 15, 20, and maybe 35 years, according to +Rick Vosper's take, goes mostly unaddressed, Jill rattles the cage of the bike shops for not serving her and she presumes women like her.

I don't know Jill, but she seems just as out of touch with the market, as the baby-boomer generation running the bike companies. Those men who seem set on serving an aging demographic by selling Comfort Carbon bikes to the new race scene at Fondos. Those that drop millions of marketing dollars to field teams in races ran on old roads, with skinny white men overseas. They coast along happy to either increase their slice of the American pie slightly or keep the status quo, churning out the same old thing with a new BB size or carbon lay-up schedule.

Name a Spring Classic bike race and it's so foreign to the US market, it might as well have a climbing stage on Venus and a flat-sprint on Mars.

When you sell a fantasy of fitness across an ocean, on foreign soil, how do you expect an American consumer to connect with that? They don't and isn't the reason obvious?

If it isn't, Jill's post will inform why the bike industry should serve her needs solely and not work collectively to define a new, bigger market for everyone. Get it's mojo back that long since fizzled out from the 70s.

While writing this rant, PR arrived in my inbox from the ECF and it says, "Can Vancouver Copenhagenize?"

What? Why would they want to do that? Vancouver is its own city without the need for validation from another. So now the urban element of cycling is marketing Europe to North American consumers too.

For how well that works, see the past 35 years of bike industry sales.

To fix this issue we have to first get the industry to agree there is one. Then to define what cycling is in the States (Canada too) and focus entirely on that.

Not what's going on in Europe with either racing or how they ride in their cities. 
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