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Des Lang

I hear the sounds of distance drums 
The sound that makes old men numb
War that young men will take its sum
And stories of battles with knife and gun
Leaders will lie
Mothers will cry
Death covers the sky 
No finial good byes
New hero we need none
As brave men run
Under a blacken sun
Over the wounded son
Old men march no more 
Cause as seeing it before
The dirty horror of war
And cry the more
So rise up and say no more
Ask why young men must die
God have mercy on the man 
who loaded the gun
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Australia is free again with the removal of the dictator Julia Gillard and 5 of her followers , Free elections will held in September.  
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I hate American people that allow the CIA to have as much power as they have. 1. To murder any body any were with out showing cause. 2. To hack E-mails of any one in the world and sell the information to a private company
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I am starting to think G+ is only a free advertising space for Samsung and apple
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Monday would have been the 60th birthday of Alexander Akimov, Ukrainian Chernobyl worker who gave this life to stop the nuclear reactor from exploding and dropping nuclear dust on the whole earth that would have lasted 500 years.
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Camera capture Boeing 747 crash in Bagram - Bagram 747 crash! Watch this carefully the US army camera was fixed on this plane before it was in trouble  
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150 years ago today Stonewall Jackson coined an American term used in every war since "shoot by friendly fire" 
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Motorola has just released a new phone, listed features google os, wifi, wap, app virus cleaner, fast texting, 256 3D coulor, 4gig photo card and capable of accessing phone network. 

Great idea a mobile you can ring on.
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                                                   Fake health advice

Salt is bad for you false, you need a daily in take of salt but not mineral salt as used in Europe.
Brown bread is good for you false; most brown breads are white with a dye in it.
Soy is good for you false; this is only calmed by the makers of soy products. There is 400 times more goodness in cow’s milk. Soy is the main cause of nut intolerant in children.
Red wine will prevent heart attacks false, this is only true with home made and Italian wines most commercial wines us an egg based preservative that increases the risk of heart attacks
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