Exactly. Just wish I had more time for monkey dancing...
One thing I've noticed with Google+ is a lot of people are making the same mistake that they did with Twitter. It's the Dance For Me, Monkey Boy problem. People sign up to a service, then cross their arms and wait for it to start amusing them. After a while, with their circles empty (or in Twitter's case, their 'following' list empty), they declare it a silly thing, perhaps THE SILLIEST THING THAT HAS EVER BEEN, and move back to something with which they're more comfortable.

Well, Dance For Me Monkey Boy doesn't work with this kind of media. It worked for telly, and cinema, where we were passive, and compliant, and didn't have to do much except suspend our disbelief for a couple of hours, but here, if you don't try and engage not just with other people, but with the tools that are now at your disposal, then Google+ is not going to do shit.

We are the monkeys now! So let's dance!
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