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Kaitlyn Kline
I love social media....and Harry Potter.
I love social media....and Harry Potter.

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Oh hi, fall.
Say hello to fall with a sprinkling of cinnamon on your Cappuccino! #fall2013   #fall   #dolcegusto   #cappuccino  

You guys... still keep thinking good thoughts about the job interview I had. Want! So! Bad!

Accio Pottermore email!

+Bart Heaney, I would love to Huddle with you... but I don't have a smartphone and I'm too dumb to figure out the SMS version. #wah.

Finally back in Pittsburgh!

waiting. waiting. waiting.

Who wants to pack for me?!

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I want this. So much.

Borders going out of business sales start tomorrow. Sorry to all of the people losing their jobs :(
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