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Dawn Dunsmore Lowe
A photographer wanna tech, toys and books- e or real! Loving G+!
A photographer wanna tech, toys and books- e or real! Loving G+!


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#Help Portrait Fort Lauderdale was an amazing awesome success this year! I am already excited for next year! I will have some pictures to post later tonight. What a wonderful idea +Jeremy Cowart!
Next year will be bigger and better:)

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When I was deciding what to write for this post, I started out thinking I should apologize.I know I have been posting a lot, asking for donations, and some people are probably getting annoyed...BUT (and thats a big BUT haha) I thought about it some more, and realized that what +Jeremy Cowart started-and what we are trying to do next Saturday is a noble cause, and why should I apologize for trying to help a noble cause? SO, I am sorry if anyone has been inconvienenced or annoyed or aggravated or...whatever by these posts, but I won't stop until we reach our goal! Take THAT! HA! And I am NOT sorry for posting again. You may even see another before next Saturday! SOMEBODY STOP ME!
Now, if I haven't made you mad, would you please be so kind as to head over to or
and throw a few bucks in the kitty?

1 week from today we will be holding the 3rd Help Portrait Worldwide event! We are very excited...but we are still have not raised enough money to get the pictures printed. So we need your help! Just $5 will get prints for 1 family! Please donate and make some families very happy for the holidays!
Thank you in advance!!!

Every time you make a typo, THE ERRORISTS WIN!

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Just wanted to show a great video by +Jeremy Cowart that really shows what we are trying to do here in Fort Lauderdale and around the world! Enjoy the video, and please share with your circles, and if you feel moved, please hit the link and donate (via Paypal) to help us raise the money to get the prints we need, it only takes a minute to do! No amount is too small~ Thanks as always :)

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A letter from a Help-Portrait client-this is what we are trying to make happen here in Fort Lauderdale!:

My name is Brittany.

I am a single mother of 2 wonderful children. I come from a broken home. The last time I had my picture taken was when I was 10 years old and I believe it was just a school photo. I had my children young in a marriage that was not healthy and it eventually fell apart. I turned to alcohol and my life came crashing down all around me. I ended this program and have now found my way back to my Savior. It means so much to me that you all would take time out of your busy schedules to come bring some happiness and joy to us girls who’ve felt less than pretty for a very long time. Thank you. Also my brother is in the men’s program and because of you all letting me and my brother get our pic taken together was a very special thing ’cause he’s 27 and I’m 26. The last time we took a photo together was when we were 6 and 7. That was over 20 years ago! Thank you for your kindness and the hope you’ve brought me that there are still people who care! Thank you.

Nashville Hope Center

Sometimes it's the small things that count. On December 10th, we (the Fort Lauderdale group of volunteers collectively known as the 'The Soul Catchers') will be giving back to around 200+ people/familys/brothers & sisters/Kids/single moms. We have come far, but are short one important thing: printing. We figure it will take approx $1500 to get all the pictures printed for the 200+ we expect. IF EVERYONE IN MY G+ CIRCLES GAVE 1 DOLLAR, WE WOULD BE GOLDEN! PLEASE HIT THE LINK AND GIVE WHAT YOU CAN IF ONLY A $1!!

Every penny goes to supplies and printing for our group. It is all volunteer and no one is paid.

Also If you want to volunterr, give me a shout, no need to be a photographer!

Also check out our website (donated!) at !


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Can you help? We started a small group in Fort Lauderdale and need everything! Photographers, helpers, equipment, you name it, we need it! We have a GREAT venue, so we are off to a good start. CAN YOU HELP? Ht the website for a group in your area-or start your own! Anyone who live in South Florida is welcome to join our group. Ping me if you want to help in any way! Please hit up the link, learn & pass the love!
Dec 10th, holiday cheer for those who need it!

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Wealthy citizens from the 1% that have decided to take a stand for the 99%'s rights

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I think we should have something like a #ThiefAlert hashtag to quickly draw attention to individuals like +HarisH Naha who blatantly steal other people's photos and post them as his own! Visiting this man's profile I just noticed his "My Photography" album - and the first photo looked awfully familiar. Quickly checked +Lisa Bettany photos for I remembered she had this beautiful cityscape shot with a full rainbow, and there it was!

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I played with some HDR, and some different techniques & tools I haven't tried before...not sure how successfully! These were all taken today on the verge of a strong storm at Green Cay Nature Center-a local wildlife refuge. Lucky me I got out right as the storm broke and my equipment stayed dry!
Please feel free to comment, critique and provide feedback, good or bad. Need to learn :)
Green Cay 10/16/11 (17 photos)
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