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Tut, tut, tut… The napkin is there for a reason, don't you know.
I mainly like this one because it's a corrective to all those "lion as adorable big kitty" photos. Lions are fierce.
Mary had a little lamb. HAD.
"I can't believe I ate the WHOLE THING..."
I tend to think more in terms of adorable kitty as small bloody killing machine. I've seen what mine can get up to.

One rainy day, a little snake got into the basement. I tried to catch it, but it was pretty good at slithering quickly into small crevices, and I decided to just let it find its way out however it got in. I went down a few hours later and found it murdered on the floor, its neck neatly broken with a single bite. The killer hadn't even bothered trying to eat it.
Yes, if house cats were larger than us we would not think they were cute. We would exterminate them like the other megafauna.

I think dogs befriended us when we invented fire and started cooking meat (that's my theory, anyway), and cats moved in, not so friendly, when we started storing grain, which attracts rodents (there's evidence for this).
But they became very useful for pest control!
Cats are very friendly! At least the ones that know they're too small to eat us.
Domestic CAT still believe they are the superior species than humans, and act like they rule over us...;)
LL Pete
"You talking to me?!"
+Matt McIrvin - yes, I should have mentioned the symbiotic aspect of it all. If that snake had been poisonous you would be in debt to your kitty now.
+Matt Austern - sometimes I think cats are friendly, sometimes I think they just like being petted and fed. I guess they vary.
By the way, the great thing about leaving a photo like this without a caption is everyone feels compelled to write their own. And jokes certainly defuse the tension of seeing that bloody-mouthed predator eying us!
Get ready for Hungry Lion. The next gen operating system from Apple..
I'm glad he's sated. He HAS to be, with all of that blood!
... proving again, their is more than one way to skin a cat...

I worked with a lion once on a shoot. It is funny, they look bigger in pictures than in real life, something about the ratios of the hair, the nose, etc. Never-the-less, you become amazingly focused and self aware even with a docile lion near you. You find yourself repeating to yourself "don't act like food".
Yes, I would become quite self aware with a docile lion near me.
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