I'm sitting here wondering - what should I do about this offer?

Dear Dr. Baez,           

I’m a researcher at The Rothberg Institute, located in Guilford, Connecticut.  I work for Dr. Jonathan Rothberg, the inventor of high throughput DNA sequencing (Nature 2005, Nature Biotechnology 2008).  He initiated the Neanderthal Genome project with Svante Paabo (Nature 2006) and was the first to sequence an individual genome, the James Watson genome (Nature 2008).  Dr. Rothberg also sequenced Gordon Moore to show how DNA sequencing scales to semiconductors (Nature 2011).                

We are working on a study designed to understand the genetic basis of abstract mathematical reasoning.  We are currently collecting DNA from the brightest minds in the fields of theoretical physics and mathematics. Publications will never single out individual participants and all work done with samples will be done in a de-identified manner.  All participants are also welcome to a private copy of their own genome data.                

If you are interested, please respond indicating your willingness to participate in the project along with a mailing address where we can send you a saliva collection kit and a consent form.

Should I give them my spit?  If I'm part Neanderthal, maybe they can tell me that too.
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