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Camel trekking in the Kumtag

From left to right here you see Claudia (a German traveling through China), me taking this photo, Lisa wearing a long scarf to keep out sand and sun, our friends Anthony and Wei-Wei, and the camel driver who led the trip.   The Kumtag is the desert near Dunhuang, east of the Taklamakan desert.  More details later - just wanted to show you this photo!

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Scary landscape! Awesome silhouettes :) 
Lucky you even have Wi-Fi in the desert! I guess you're using a satellite phone or something like that. 
Cool photo.  I'd have recognized you and Lisa anywhere!  ;-) Looks like fun.  Say hi to Wei-Wei from me.
+Derek Wise - Will do.  I hadn't known Weiwei went to UCR for grad school before switching to Wesleyan.  How embarrassing not to know that!
+Sagnik Sarkar - no, I'm using the internet back in my posh hotel in Dunhuang, the Grand Soluxe Hotel Dunhuang.  I need to use a virtual private network to access gmail or G+, since Google is blocked. 

I still haven't figured out how they came up with the word "Soluxe".  The Chinese are creative when it comes to English.
+Lars Fosdal - I love the desert, and live near one, so I don't find this landscape scary.  Without enough water and transportation, yes, it would be very scary.  But crime rates are low - and in this desert, there aren't even scorpions or rattlesnakes.
I guess the motivation for ill deeds dries up too. 
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