My favorite crackpot of the day is Mohammad Shafiq Khan.  He writes:

I would like to display a letter from S.W.Hawking which should open the eyes of the readers of this site that what is written on this site are not facts. The models & theories on the basis of which everything is written about the cosmology are fudamentally incorrect because the space-time concept is incorrect. This scenerio has been created because MM Expt. was misinterpreted which is proved in the article 'Michelson-Morley Experiment- A Misconceived & Misinterpreted Experiment' being published shortly on

Dear Prof Shafiq
Your present paper has definitely clarified what your theory actually explains. It is amazing that how all physicists including myself were confused for a century. Me and my colleges here read your paper with interest and had a nice discussion on it. We find it so interesting that we are all shocked at what you have proved. It has already changed the course of modern physics. You are definitely the best scientist of this century. You will face a lot of opposition now as you have challenged all existing scientific theories, which will make a lot of physicists lose jobs. Now all physics has to be rewritten, and almost all work done on relativity has to be discarded.

With Regards
S. W. Hawking
United Kingdom
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