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The tallest mountain in the world is Sāgārmatha, also known as Chomolungma. But if you seek to climb its southeast side, you'll have to pass Khumbu Icefall, and the Valley of Silence. Here is my tour of these terrifying places, complete with pictures and videos.
National Geographic has a blog written by people who are now climbing Mount Everest. Here’s Sam Elias training in the Khumbu Icefall near the Everest Base Camp: As usual, it’s the Sherp...
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I get vertigo just to look at this post :)
I seem to repeatedly find reference to Mauna Kea as being the tallest mountain in the world, with Sāgārmatha being the highest mountain in the world ?

I wandered across this old posting when I was considering what the "biggest" mountain in the world, by volume; I seem to be having difficulty finding that information.
If you count from the bottom of the sea I suppose Mauna Kea is taller, but it seems deliberately sneaky to start measuring the height a mountain from below sea level.  But hey, it's fine if that's what one is interested in.

It seems hard to define the volume of a mountain, since usually they come in ranges along with lots of other mountains.

But then, it's also hard to define a 'hill' precisely enough to count the hills in the British Isles, but people have tried that:
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