I'm beginning to realize how much my phone runs my life.

I mean, of course my phone remembers all my important numbers, and lets me stay constantly available. And it's always there if I need to know the name of John Scalzi’s cat or who the fourteenth president of the Unites States was. But it has become more than that now.

Sleep Cycle tells me when to wake up. EpicWin tells me what exercises to do that morning, and various other programs tell me how many to do (200 Situps, 200 Squats, 100 Pushups). I currently use a recumbent stationary bike, but when I eventually start running, there's an app for that too. My results get entered into MyFitnessPal.

EpicWin also reminds me what else I'm doing every day. Am I writing today? Am I studying? Is it time to pay my bills?

I go shopping and GoTasks has my list of what I need to buy. My calendar keeps track of what events are coming up. Both automatically sync to my Google account.

The clock has alarms tell me when to eat, when to snack, and when to go back to bed. Meals and snacks also go into MyFitnessPal so I can keep track of my diet and exercise over time.

I'm more aware than ever of every aspect of my life. How long and how deeply I sleep. How many calories (and how much fat / cholesterol / sodium / potassium / carbs / protein / vitamins A & C / calcium / iron) I consume. How much exercise I accomplish and how many calories that burns. How often I actually do the things I plan on doing (such as writing/studying).

My phone runs my life. And I let it.
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