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I should be more social
I should be more social

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I'm an atheist, but I've donated.

I've been a liberal all my life (much to my family's chagrin), but a confusing sort of liberal -- generally fiscally conservative but socially liberal.

The fiscal conservative part just broke. I've always been generous within my social circles, but the current state of the federal government has brought me to the ACLU as a donor for the first time. They're fighting the good fight, through the courts, the way it needs to be done.

Help them if you can.

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The hero we need.

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Reminds me of a toy car I had a few years before this -- it would drive a programmable path. The programming was done by cutting notches in a card that you slid into a slot underneath it.

I may have been a bit young for it, and vaguely remember it being taken away because I'd try to make it drive a controlled route on the kitchen table, meaning every error resulted in a fall to the floor.

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Science Fiction novels should list both the intelligence and experience of their authors on the covers. I'm so tired of near future SF novels where I have to shut down part of my head because "yeah, no, it doesn't work that way."

In the most recent case, we have an alien invasion that's taken over the coast of the US, and all the rest of the world outside of the US. We've been trying to keep them out of the rest of the country for five years. So five years with no support from either our coasts or any other country -- tough situation right? While there's a focus on manufacturing war materiel, which is reasonable, I have to ask what are they manufacturing it with? We seem to have huge amounts of raw resources (metals, for instance), and manufacturing plants that can produce epically large military machines.

The current storyline is at 2009, with the invasion happening in 2002 or so, and was written in the mid 90's. We have friendly aliens as well, and they noted earlier in the series that they could not dare to land their craft any longer because of the invading aliens. And yet they still seem to supply a lot of alien tech on a regular basis?

Oh, and an antimatter explosion. No, that's not a nuclear explosion. Really. It's not. Some similarities, but not the same.''

The story is written by a military person and he does understand the military components, but he doesn't seem to be clear on where bullets come from and other supply issues. I also have to wonder how it is that they're still able to maintain telephone land lines near the edges where the aliens are always intruding, and the internet as well. There should be no communications infrastructure left -- they took out the satellites and there's been fighting everywhere.

I can almost see the limits of the author's experience and where his blind spots are. And he has no clue. If he did, he would have done the research to fix that, I think.


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ZOMG. I may have a new favorite site.

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Wow. Experience all the things while you can.
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