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WannaCry is the nastiest virus ever. It encrypts all of your personal files and holds them for a ransom of around $500. It's scary. You cannot get into ANY of your photos, documents, etc. You can pay the ransom and you might get them back. You might not.

Oh, and it goes after your backup drive as well if it is connected to the computer.

What to do?
1: Don't put off Windows Updates. We know they can be annoying, but they contain vital security patches. Have your system set to download and install updates automatically.

2. Have a backup that you don't keep connected directly to the computer. Either unplug the External Drive after backups, or use an online "cloud" storage solution. One that keeps a few archive versions of each file. It will have the version that was not destroyed by CryptoLocker. Carbonite is the most popular of these ~$5/mo services.

This is not 2004, were not zipping down files to email them over our 28k Earthlink Dial up service. If you have a zip file attached to an email (signified by the .zip at the end) Dont open it. Just dont.

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