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Apparently when you register as a Democrat you get a 12 month supply. 
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The sun has a bald spot. Just 10%, though. Not the full 1/3 that goes on strike in Revelation 8:12. ;) NASA spots monster hole open up on our star
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That's older than Hillary. But not colder.
Mars is emerging from an ice age, according to a new study. Studying the Martian climate and how it changes over time can help scientists better plan future missions to Mars and even understand...
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Imagine a combination Celtic sounds, Pachelbel, Bob Marley, and a driving modern dance beat. That's this. It's epic. Maddy is now obsessed.
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Thanks for the heads up Maddy
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Have her in circles
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A Greek archaeologist says he has located the classical philosopher’s final resting place.
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I hear he was dying to miss out on modern problems.
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★★★ Patriots Who Dare... Join our fight to save America! ➠ Click Here #‎BB4SP
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Naw it would be even more hilarious if they had to climb the wall ,then go splat on the other side .
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Wow... perfect analogy
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Like alcoholics, #SJW fattyavists don't like being told they're killing themselves. They are both anti-science and anti-reason. But like all cults, they start with a nugget of truth: you shouldn't always compare yourself to others as the gold standard. However, there's a limit to that. Unfortunately, regressive leftists are not sane people and because of this have no sense of appropriateness or balance. It's also why they want big government because deep inside they still feel like infants.
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Creative, fun, complex, conservative. Fraternal twin, so add idiosyncratic. I ♥♠ but never ♣ my alcoholic spaniel. She's a real ♦. I have a degree in █████ ██ ███████ and love to do things. Generation Y but not ethnobnoxcentric about it.
☆ Gal of unlimited resourcefulness...and a little grace from above. I never learned how to sit down and be quiet. 

☆ It's not hegemony, it's just a cricket. 

 The key to blondeness Zen is to own it.

☆ "If I were to give up sarcasm, that would leave interpretive dance as my only means of communicating." - someecard

☆ Better to be Ellie-phantic than sycophantic. 

☆ The liberal Army of Stupidity is waging a genuine #WarOnWomen. Let's wage a #WarOnStupidity. 

☆ A nation run by liberals is like a sea controlled by pirates.

☆ "If you can't say something nice, say something clever but devastating." - some cartoon

☆ If I know you I will give you a nickname - and sometimes if I don't.

☆ Dead rapists never rape again. Shooting one would not only be a moral right but a moral obligation.

I think we can all agree that America was a better place when the FBI was arresting #communists and the military was killing them. #SJW #tcot

The trouble with YOLO is that it's true and too many people spend their one life solely on themselves rather than investing it in others. - Me 

“The human obligation is to help children who are suffering. The rest is luxury.” - Audrey Hepburn

"A righteous man cares for his animal but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel." - Proverbs 12:10

The left does not win its battles in debate...The left wins because it controls the narrative.  The narrative is controlled by the media.  The left is the media.  Narrative is everything. -- Andrew Breitbart

And I really believe, and I’m committed to the destruction of the old media guard. And it’s a very good business model. -- Andrew Breitbart

And I think that the Tea Party movement, not the Republican Party by any stretch of the imagination, which is dysfunctional and embarrassing, that this movement … from this group we are going to find our future leaders. -- Andrew Breitbart

If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so.  --  Thomas Jefferson

A lesson for our time and for any age: Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid. --  Ronald Reagan

And trolls, keep it short and succinct. Your comment will just be deleted anyway, so there's no real point in writing anything lengthy. I also reserve the right to delete comments that are off-topic on my threads. My press, my rules. ;)

Mads' ones.
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