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CAN framework for Linux
CAN framework for Linux

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Open Source CANopen Stack


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Adrien Aubry reworked +Wireshark CANopen dissector and added Emergency register handling.

#socketcan #canopen #wireshark  

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cannelloni - a SocketCAN over Ethernet tunnel supporting both UDP and SCTP protocols was added to +Buildroot.

#can #socketcan #udp #sctp #buildroot  

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#qt released Qt 5.6 with CAN support. So far following APIs are supported:

1. CAN over Linux sockets (SocketCAN)
2. PEAK-System (PeakCAN)
3. MHS Elektronik (TinyCAN)

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Even the Canadian military wants to learn how to hack cars - based on existing tools using  SocketCAN and Python:

DEF CON in the news:

Hot on the heels of all the car hacking talk of DEF CON 23, the Canadian government is looking for someone to hack the crap out of a '2015 pick-up truck' and create 'as many exploits as possible' for use by its military. The spec refers specifically to the CAN bus, which was the target in the Jeep exploit demoed by Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek less than two months ago at DC23.

For a refresher - here's the Miller/Valasek talk:

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Fast and Vulnerable: A Story of Telematic Failures

A cool use case for SocketCAN and can-utils inside a Linux based OBD telematic device:

"The most recent version includes SocketCAN, which is a Linux kernel module that presents the CAN bus as a network interface. Additionally, these newer devices shipped with the Linux can-utils package which includes tools for reading, saving, creating, and replaying CAN messages, much like the way one can do with packet captures for traditional network interfaces. With these tools we found we could send and receive arbitrary CAN packets."

See presentation and scientific paper at

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python-can is a Python based library for both Linux and Windows. It supports both SocketCAN as also native interfaces like kvaser, pcan or serial.

#python #socketcan  

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MOVED TO GITHUB: Linux-CAN user space source repositories

As Gitorious is to be acquired by GitLab and will shut down at end of May the Linux-CAN / SocketCAN git repositories have to be moved away from

As many of you already have a GitHub account Marc and Oliver agreed on following Yegors suggestion to move the Linux-CAN / SocketCAN repos to GitHub. You can now find the Linux-CAN repositories at:

See details for the current Linux-CAN repositories at:

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Took some pictures of historic automotive communication controllers for the SocketCAN profile background picture. CC-BY-SA 4.0 by Oliver Hartkopp
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