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A good solid Sequel to the 2011 re-make.
Statham doing what he does Best.
Here's something I would love to see in the future a Lionsgate mash up of The Mechanic v John Wick, the best 2 cinematic hitmen pitted against each other,,, now that would make a shit load of cash💵, fingers crossed.. 
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Forget Bond & Bourne, Bishop is Back.. 
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"Row row row your boat gently down the stream"
An enjoyable Trek, don't listen to the Haters.. 
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Their 1st Big Adventure.. 
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Great Film, loved every Minute,, but if you knew the future had personal fatal consequences before they occurred would you go ahead with them?
Me, personally "NO" I couldn't go through that.. 
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About to put this on, mate. Been looking forward to it for a while.
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Looks good.. 👍 
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What the FUCK is Mourhino doing leaving Rashford keeping the bench warm?
Fucking frustrating.. 😈
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"Gordon's Alive" 
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Their search for Eden & God, it's not as Bad as it's made out to be, I personally like William Shatners Trek Directional debut..
If he had of had all the Help & funding he wanted instead of Budget & effects restrictions & re-shoots we would of had a totally different film..

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Fantastic Score by the Legendary Jerry Goldsmith. 
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Their Best Adventure, a Masterpiece.. 
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+Paul Jackson Great find mate!!👌👌👌
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A real good Action Adventure film, Mr Fast & Furious Justin Lin know's how to Direct a Star Trek Film, a great addition to the franchise & good to see at the end, the film dedicated to Leonard Nimoy & Anton Yelchin.. R. I. P
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Sounds like the Majority of us "At War With The Everyday World"
Tremendous film by Schumacher.. 
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+Paul Jackson i love and have all the old school classics that i have seen way too many times, you seem to be right up there with it too mate, it's cool to relate too someone who has seen all the classics :D
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+Carl Rees​ You & Me leading the way mate.. 👍
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+Carl Rees wish I had of sreenshoted it now.. 😉
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Manchester United F.C. "FOREVER"
Bragging rights
I have 2 Tremendous women in my life
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Jacko, Action, Darth Paul.
  • Fabricator/Welder, 2004 - present
    Manufacturing Hydraulic Cylinders
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used to be the Best, still all the same staff from when I was 10 back in 1983, the Chips then were the Best, now though they are like scag ends, hard & crispy, WHATS WENT WRONG??
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