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Christoffer Lilja (clilja)
Älskar att lära mig nya saker och ofta när det är något tekniskt inblandat.
Älskar att lära mig nya saker och ofta när det är något tekniskt inblandat.


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#ingress   #enlightened   #ingressreport   #sitrep  : Operation green Jönköping

The smurfs in my city are really active and there is not much to do against them since they also outnumber us. Therefore I decided that the further away from the city I am creating fields the better. And why not try to create a multi layered field above the whole city. A month ago I tested setting up my first large field (larger than 2k MU) and it worked really good. I got gold illuminator cooperating with Olin77.

But then I decided to lay low trying to get the guardian onyx badge only doing unique portals/hacks. I accidentally remove a guardian for the smurf inkan who had a portal for something like 360 days (what I’ve heard). Apparently she got upset and traveled a whole day to take down all my guardians. I got a little sad since several of my guardians where 80 days old but it's also honoring that I managed to annoy a smurf so much that she spent a whole day trying to hurt me personally.

After this I didn't feel to lay low any more so I decided to set up "my" 70k MU multi layered fields again. Last weekend I removed some blocking links and the day after I got help from Bridgeman, Toobah, rezolva, maui552 and Olin77 again. We managed to get the field up. I later heard than Inkan and Starcruiser64 had gotten anxious and was on their way out trying to block us but failed, so they decided to continue through really thick fog on small roads to the anchor in Falköping to take the field down before checkpoint. Sadly I didn't plan the fielding after the checkpoints so they got there before we managed to get the points to the team. But I atleast got platinum illuminator badge! :)

Inkan and Starcruiser created some blocking fields on their way back but not that hard to take down so we started planning to get the field up again next weekend when Olin77 was visited with green players from Kalmar, and we planned to give them some of the fields.

This weekend I set out on friday to put down some blockers and created a smaller field as a distraction when I set up my own blockers. Everything worked as planned and on saturday Semilance helped with the only blocker in Sandhem when we set up the fields again 30 minutes before checkpoint. We got a total of 12 fields up divided on the different players clilja, original49, sigge, teenabz and Supergroda. Olin77 gave up his fields to the others, really nice of him!

Almost instantly after the field was set up SwedishLead and enannananna set of to Tranås to take down the field, which they managed without problem. But then I decided to get to Tranås again and set up the field since the smurfs didn’t manage to get any good blockers up. therefore 40 minutes before checkpoint we started setting up the field again but unfortunately it was a little tight with time so we missed 4 fields before checkpoint. On the other hand the smurfs looks like they’ve surrendered this cycle since the field has lasted 4 checkpoints. We also felt like collecting more personal MU so the team in Värnamo used ADA on the anchor there and set up the field again.

When doing this something peculiar happened and we only got small fields on 4 of the portals. It probably has to do something with me linking the portals inside Tranås together and you only seem to be able to get MU from max 2 fields when creating a link. We could have gotten a little bit more than 2M MU total if I hadn’t linked the portals in Tranås. We also have 7 fields above Jönköping right now but counting the links it could had been 11 if not the 2 fields per link limit was there. I’m not sure if this should be classified as a bug or a feature since you can clearly get more than 2 fields per link…

Final stats this weekend:
- 1,869,559 MU (could had been ~300k more)
- 3 players got gold Illuminator and 1 platinum
- 2 players also leveled up

Players involved in fielding this weekend:

Players helping with blockers:

I traveled 450km this weekend to do all this. A big thank you to all involved players! :)
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Såg precis en tänkvärd video om förändringar som vårt sammhälle går igenom i och med digitaliseringen av världen och hur det påverkar vårt välfärdssamhälle i Sverige. Försökte även sammanfatta vad som sägs i ett blogginlägg där videon finns länkad.
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Nu är det dags för sängen. Imorgon bär det av mot Vansbro! :)
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